New World 3.0 policy for Foreign and Defense Affairs

World 3.0 depends on sufficient defense capability, which must be preserved. Without it the shell would lack a core and the forces of progress would be naked and defenseless. World 3.0 rests on the classic World 1.0 of power and national interest but continues its development. It provides a link between the indispensable hard factors and the important, manifold, and often overlooked soft factors of peace-making aiming at tailored, innovative double strategies for peace and liberty. It is responsive to the will of the local population and does not force our values and ideas onto others. It activates the new global elites for a responsible improvement of the world in all areas on the moral foundation of the UN Charter and human rights. Its instruments are global networks, knowledge transfer through mentoring programs, creativity, passion, promotion of the Human Codes of Tolerance and Respect, containment of radicals, improved planning and control as well as large personal commitment. This new designed foreign policy is preventative, action-oriented, extensive, profound, and widely responsible for the peaceful development of seven billion world citizens. At the same time it is a rejection of the moral relativism characterizing extremists of all kinds and an appeal to the civic spirit of the mostly silent majorities of 99 percent currently leaving the stage of world policy to the very few loud radicals (see World 3.0).