1. A new Syrian Constitution should be discussed and adopted by the Syrian National Council as soon as possible. We should not wait for the fall of the Assad regime in the hope that a democratic constitution can be agreed in the extreme chaos that will inevitably follow. This mistake was made in Iraq as well as in Libya and Egypt where the West did not connect its support with a crystal-clear democratic constitution first and naively believed democrats would later win in the power struggle with radicals. All leaders of the different groups must personally sign and agree under oath to implement all the rules of this new fundamental law of the Syrian National Council. Any group which abstains must be excluded from any political, financial or military support by the West and the Arab States involved. We can only support rebels who fight for democracy and not a differently labeled dictatorship.

2. Only after this first step of a new constitution including rights for Kurds and Christians is agreed in the SNC and personally signed by all political leaders, a new Syrian government in exile should be constituted and recognized by Western and Arab countries and supported in step two. It can only include those forces who have signed under oath. Diplomatic relations with the Assad regime should then be cut.

3. As proposed last year, a special "Syrian Centre for the Registration of Crimes against Humanity" should be established now, preferably in Berlin. Special prosecutors must collect evidence of crimes including the many murders and executions. Victims can report them to the staff. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) can be co-opted to punish major human right violations.

4. Sanctions could be enforced as well including cutting any supply to Syria with a sea and land blockade, but only after the new constitution and the recognition of the government in exile.