Mission & Strategy

The World Security Network Foundation aims are:

  • “Networking a Safer World” and the vision to implement the goals of the UN Charter: mutual respect and tolerance; human rights; economic growth.
  • to rouse people from their apathy, to raise awareness of trouble spots before war breaks out, to propose solutions, and to draw media attention to security issues at an early stage.
  • to network the strategic community, focusing on the new young global elite in foreign and defence affairs.
  • to convey new, creative ideas and policy recommendations to decision makers using the internet.

We do not want to leave the important area of foreign and defense affairs to a few extremists the mediocre majority of politicians and bureaucrats, and primarily backwards-looking analysts without an action orientation.

We promote timely action to implement two-pronged peace strategies, with power on one hand and diplomacy and reconciliation on the other.

The World Security Network approach to resolving conflict takes account of the three vital ele­ments: vision, structures, action, on a basis of strategic planning-sufficient funding and rapid implementation.