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The World Security Network Foundation (WSN) —an international, independent, nonprofit organization —is the largest global elite network for foreign and security policy with the purpose of Networking a Safer World promoting an active foreign policy we label World 3.0. It includes a double-strategy of power and diplomacy including reconciliation, creativity, active elites, codes of tolerance, a better planning-process and active implementation, sufficient defense capabilities combined with a pro-active foreign policy.

This NGO was founded and funded by Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, a German investor and geo-strategist living in Berlin, former advisor in the European Parliament, the German Bundestag and U.S. Senate in foreign and defense affairs and activist for over 25 years.

WSN was initiated by legendary German-American geo-strategist Dr Fritz Kraemer with Dr. Hoffmann in 2001. Read more about this long-time mentor of Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, Dr. Henry Kissinger and General Alexander Haig in the new book of Hubertus Hoffmann, True Keeper of the Holy Flame. The Legacy of Pentagon-Strategist and Mentor Dr Fritz Kraemer or in www.worldsecuritynetwork.com/fritzkraemer.

The World Security Network is:

  • not American, Asian or European; we are the largest global-elite action network for foreign and defense affairs in the world, focusing on the young, new elite.
  • neither left nor right, neither U.S. Republican nor U.S. Democrat, or indeed an adherent to any other party line. WSN is an independent, international and pluralistic non-profit organization.
  • neither a peace movement nor an organization of warmongers: it promotes a realistic and credible balance of Realpolitik and Idealpolitik, of power and diplomacy, of necessary military actions and reconciliation; a double strategy of solid and realistic peacemaking - the new art of peacemaking we call World 3.0
  • solution-oriented, looking for concrete proposals for all conflicts.
  • not bureaucratic: we are creative and action-oriented, like businessmen.
  • not fanatical: we are engaged global citizens with the vision of networking a safer and better world for our children.

We promote timely actions to implement double strategies: power on one side, diplomacy and reconciliation on the other.

The World Security Network's broad action approach considers all three levels required to resolve a conflict: visions, structures, and actions. These must include innovative master plans, sufficient funding, and rapid implementation.

A WSN network of 100 mostly young editors with 34 nationalities between them report from New York, Washington, D.C., Tokyo, Paris, Vienna, London, Rome, Moscow, Athens, Munich, Berlin, Ankara, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Caucasus, Singapore, Cairo, Beirut, New Delhi, Peshawar, Islamabad, China, Nepal, Mexico, Peru, Canada, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

The International Advisory Board consists of 72 well-known experts from 21 countries - the U.S., Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Greece, France, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Estonia, Kosovo, Hungary, Italy, Armenia, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, India and Pakistan.

It includes 20 retired generals and admirals (Field Marshal Lord Peter Inge, Ehsan ul Haq, Luigi Caligaris, Klaus Naumann, Peter Regli, Muhammad Aslam Khan Niazi, Ali Aurakzai, Mohammad K. Shiyyab, Klaus Reinhardt, Rainer Schuwirth, David K. Shimp, Ed Rowny, Go?tz Gliemeroth, Sir Sebastian Roberts, Charles Style, Chuck Saffell, Franco Apicella, Giovanni Bernadi, Wolfgang Plasche), former ministers, state secretaries and members of parliament (Geza Jeszensky, August Hanning, Friedbert Pflu?ger, Peter Kurt Wu?rzbach, Annelie Ja?a?ttenma?ki, Tunne Kelam), journalists (Herbert Kremp, Jens Kru?ger, Thomas Lipscomb, Henning von Steuben), ambassadors, professors and scholars (Parag Khanna, Robert Hunter, J.D. Bindenagel, Huseyin Bagci, Murat Erdogan, Elisabeth Kendall, Judith Apter Klinghoffer, Walter Laqueur, Peter Neumann, Steve McIntosh, Mensur Akgu?n, Ron Asmus, Ivo Paparela, Aleksander Schmidt, Robert Dujarric, Ulrike Guerot, Peter Forster, Nigel Williams, Ortwin Gebauer, Amin Hashwani,Michael Inacker, Joachim Krause, Ludger Ku?hnhardt, Holger Mey, Joe Schmitz, Thomas Schneider, Mark Minevich, Mike Munson, John Nomikos, Ivo Paparela, Andreas Pruefert, Arben Qirezi, Sergey Rogov, Francis J. Kelly, Ruben Safrastyan, Ehsan Ahrari, Arif Ali Shah Bukhari, William Halal, Kastuv Ray, Abbas J. Ali, Jackson Janes) and politicians (Samy Gemayel, Habib Malik Orakzai). 

WSN TV with its own channels on YouTube (657,000 views) and Facebook has exclusively interviewed more than 270 VIPS on foreign affairs from many countries and with different ideas, among them:

  • the four Nobel Peace Prize laureates Malala, Kailash Satyarthi, the 14th Dalai Lama and Shimon Peres,
  • the four former U.S. National Security Advisors Zbignew Brzezinski, Robert McFarlane, Brent Scowcroft and James Jones;
  • the two U.S. Presidential candidates and Senators John McCain and John Kerry, U.S. Senators Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham;
  • His Imperial Highness Archduke Otto von Habsburg, Kurdish Iraq President Barzani, Secretary of Iran’s National Security Council Ali Larijani, President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas, former Iranian President Bani Sadr;
  • U.S. Secretary of Defense Bill Cohen, U.S. Ambassadors Richard Holbrooke and Richard Burt, German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, UK Defense Minister Liam Fox, Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Norway's Defense Minister Anne-Grete Stroem-Erichsen, Serbian Defense Minister Stankovic, the Defense Minister of Singapore Teo Chee Hean,  Estonian Defense Minister Mart Laar or 9/11 Commission member and U.S. Secretary of the Navy John Lehman;
  • ISAF Commander U.S. General David Petraeus, NATO’s Military Committee Chairmen General ret. Klaus Naumann  and Harald Kujat as well as NATO Generals Karl-Heinz Lather and Egon Ramms, NATO Secretary General Javier Solana, Field Marshal Lord Peter Inge,
  • Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, French Minister Pierre Lellouche, Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmay Rassoul, Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnick;
  • Russian politician Gary Kasparov, Harvard professors Joseph Nye and Karl Kaiser, Horst Teltschik and Wolfgang Ischinger from the Munich Security Conference, IISS Director John Chipman, Estonian Freedom Hero Tunne Kelam, European Parliament President Hans-Gert Poettering, former Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel, EU Commissioner for Energy Guenther Oetttinger or Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens).
  • religious leaders like the Shiite Grand Ayatollah Fadlallah from Lebanon or Cardinal Stanlislaw Dziwisz from Krakow and Archbishop Alfons Nossol from Opole/Oppeln (Poland) and Shiite Riad and Saleh al-Hakim from Iraq

300 media partners - including many small special websites but also large media organizations like Financial Times, CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera and Newsweek - and 120 institutes like RAND, RCDS, CSIS and IISS, cooperate with WSN and make use of our analyses.

More than 300,000 members of the international information elite receive our electronic World Security Network (WSN) newsletters and interviews by email, including more than 125,000 members of foreign affairs networks, 65,000 business executives and lawyers, 40,000 professors and students of elite universities, 32,000 journalists, 19,000 foreign and defence specialists, 6,000 religious leaders and more than 3,000 members and staff of parliaments worldwide. This makes our newsletter the largest of its kind worldwide.

The World Security Network Foundation reports with more than 200 authors on new developments around the globe and receives more than two million hits monthly.

As part of the important soft factors of peace-making, one of the main projects are the Codes of Tolerance. They are designed to promote tolerance, respect and cooperation between diverse cultures, ethnic minorities, races and religions including Islam. In 2014 Dr. Hoffmann published his new book Codes der Toleranz in Herder Verlag in German, in Arabic (Al Arabica Publishing Cairo) and Polish. Together with photographer Tom Lemke he works on the international photo and video art project The Champions and the Art of Tolerance. (see www.codesoftolerance.com).

WSN has granted 150 FATA Scholarships for boys and girls from Pakistan's tribal areas (FATA) for education for several years and organized two international workshops on FATA at the Royal College of Defense Studies in London and the Adlon Hotel in Berlin.

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