True Keeper of the Holy Flame

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A fantastic book. Hubertus Hoffmann knows how to describe the genius of a man, who has influenced the thinking and planning of the Pentagon for several decades, probably more than anyone before him. Only history will tell what the consequences of his ominous presence have been.

Norman Mailer
Iconic American author (The Naked and the Dead, 1948)
and Pulitzer Prize Winner in 1969 and 1980

Fritz Kraemer was the greatest single influence of my formative years. An extraordinary man who will be part of my life as long as I draw breath.

Henry A. Kissinger
U.S. National Security Advisor 1969 –1975
U.S. Secretary of State 1973 –1977

What a special person Fritz Kraemer was. His courageous and brilliant career was an example for us all. I had the highest respect for him.

Donald Rumsfeld
U.S. Secretary of Defense1975 –1977 and 2001–2006

For me, Dr. Kraemer’s lifetime of service confirms the importance of the Nation’s elites in pursuing and advancing the value of a free society. I can think of no individual whose patient tutelage made a more meaningful contribution to the shaping of my own worldview.

Alexander M. Haig Jr.
NATO SACEUR 1974 –1979
U.S. Secretary of State 1981–1982

If there is anyone in the Pentagon who has stood for the good and the true, it is Fritz Kraemer. He knows what he stands for and says what he stands for.

Herman Kahn
Futurologist and Founder Hudson Institute

Fritz Kraemer Fritz Kraemer is more up-to-date than ever. This book is a monument to a man for whom values - a moral-ethical system of coordinates and convictions - comprised the hallmark of his life, values that Fritz Kraemer would never surrender under any circumstances. People of his calibre are the exception in all ages, but today among our superficial, value-free, "me" generation they ought to be a protected species. I think it is high time to remember Fritz Kraemer and to take this book to heart.

Klaus Naumann
General, Chief of Staff Bundeswehr 1991–1996
Chairman NATO Military Committee 1996–1999

I like him and I read his stuff- I appreciate to have an intelligent appraisal by someone who really understands great forces at work in the world. It's been very helpful.

Richard Nixon
U.S. President 1969 –1974

Fritz Kraemer was almost invariably right. I was a great beneficiary of that. Hundreds of people who have been touched by him who not only still cherish his memory, but I believe have had their lives affected by his ideas and his example. I believe the spirit of Fritz Kraemer still lives.

Paul D. Wolfowitz
U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense 2001–2005
President World Bank 2005–2007

Fritz Kraemer was the Pentagon's only global strategic thinker and the country's only philosopher who fought "the good fight".

Edward L. Rowny
U.S. Lieutenant General and Ambassador