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Editor Nepal

Dr. Prem Singh Basnyat a Chevening Scholar of UK has done M.A. in History, M.Sc. in Global Security (Cranfied University, UK), Ph.D. in Military History and PSC (Passed Army Staff College). He holds the National records of being the first Ph.D. from the Nepalese Army (except medical field), first Nepalese in M.Sc. in Global Security (Specialization in security study) from UK and first Nepalese in Defense Diplomacy Scholarship of Foreign and Commonwealth Office, United Kingdom. He has received Rastriya Nagarik Samman Nepal-2061 B.S. He is also the member of World Security Network Foundation. He has published Shai Nepali Sena Ra Pradhansenapatiharu (A Military History), Shahi Nepali Senako Bhawanidal Gulma (A Military History), New Paradigm in Global Security and Civil-Military Relation in Nepal, Nepalese Forts and The Royal Nepalese Army in Fort Battles, Nepalese Army in Khampa Disarming Mission, History of Naya Gorakh Battalion, Beginning of Tibetan Refugees and Khampa Revolt in Nepal and History of Nepalese Army Part II. He has done several military training including disaster management, the Influence of Law of Strategy and the Conduct of Military Operations and Managing Defense in democracy from U.K. He has served under United Nations as peacekeeper in Lebanon and Croatia too. Dr. Basnyat belongs to the Tilanga Ghare Sripali Basnyat family of Ason Kathmandu, previously from Gorkha. His forefathers Commanders-In-Chief Shiva Ram Singh, Abhiman Singh, Kehar Singh, Prime Ministers Kritiman Singh and Bakhtawar Singh Basnyat, and others contributed a lot in the unification campaign and Military History of Nepal. He has partially visited India, Tibet (China), Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, United Kingdom including Northern Ireland and Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, Nether land, Republic Ireland, France, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Hungry, the United States of America, Srilanka and Qatar.

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