Ruba Zinati

Researcher at Jordan Institute of Diplomacy JID Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: holds a bachelor of physics and a Master in International and Diplomatic Studies, researched on topics related with: Peacebuilding in the Middle East and Western Balkans, Assessing EU polices of Peacebuilding and Partnerships towards the MENA region, culturally sensitive conflict prevention and mediation in the Middle East, researching and analysing conflict prevention and mediation issues and building and enhancing a locally owned culture of conflict prevention by working and training members of local NGOs, also, researched on US foreign policy particularly on US-Arab relations. Authored a chapter under the title of "Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution in Levant and Perceptions of Justice" in the edited volume of "Advancing Justice and Reconciliation for A Long-Term Peacebuilding in the Middle East" that was published by Jordan Institute of Diplomacy in 2012 and published a research paper in the Jordanian periodical of the Jordanian Diplomat about European Peacebuilding Doctrine . Also, worked on enhancing strategies of peace keeping operations within the" International Forum of Challenges of Peace Operations" as well as participating in the experts' consultations for launching the CapMatch platform with the UN CivCap team in DPKO, and, on the regional level with League of Arab States (LAS) in order to strengthening civil society in the region. Also, editing for SAGE Open.

Articles by Ruba Zinati