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Przemyslaw Aleksander Schmidt, born in 1962, is a Polish entrepreneur, international lawyer, and NGO activist. Mr. Schmidt has devoted his entire professional life to implementing free market changes in Poland and Eastern Europe. Prior to founding his current company, the Trigon Group (, he was an academic teacher, an attorney with the leading Polish law firm Soltysinski Kawecki & Szlezak, an MD of Poland in MessPierson (currently ABN AMRO CF), the President of Wizja TV, a DTH television platform, and a Senior VP of @Entertainment Inc, which was the first company from Poland listed on the NASDAQ (1997). He is or was a member of boards of directors of several companies in Poland, the USA, the Netherlands and the UK. An active participant in community life, Mr. Schmidt co-founded the political club “Przychodnia” ( He serves as the Vice Chairman of United Way (Poland), the leading global charitable organization. He is a member of the Young President's Organization (, where he has held several leadership positions. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of YPO Europe (2007-09). He graduated in 1987 with the highest distinctions from the Adam Mickiewicz University, where he also taught civil, commercial, and international business laws. His postgraduate studies included the University of California, Hastings (Fulbright Fellow 1991-92), Georgetown University (1991, 2008), Leiden University (1990) and the TMC Asser Institute (the Hague, 1991).

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