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Defense Intelligence

Defense Intelligence

Career Summary Extensive senior leadership experience in the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. Expertise includes general management, planning, programming and budgeting, Congressional relations, and intelligence collection. Broad knowledge of intelligence agencies and operations. May 2004-May 2005 Executive Office of the President Deputy Director for Plans, Presidential Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction responsible for determining whether the United States Intelligence Community is properly organized, resourced and equipped to meet the threats of the 21 st century. Managed all studies on intelligence technical and human collection , counterintelligence, covert action, domestic intelligence , information sharing and overall intelligence community organization and structure. Made significant number of recommendations for improvement almost all accepted by the President. January 1999-May 2004 Munson Enterprises, Inc. Consulting and training services for the Intelligence Community and Defense Industry. Consults on intelligence community contracts, specifically dealing with intelligence analysis and collection. Training includes basic and advanced courses on intelligence systems and processes and Intelligence Community planning, programming and budgeting. Customers include NGA, DIA, NRO, CIA and senior intelligence and defense related corporations. March 1996-December 1998 National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Deputy Director for National Support responsible for providing space-based reconnaissance intelligence collection in support of national agency customers (including State Department, Defense, CIA, FBI, DEA, etc.) •  Established office to improve intelligence support to all national agency customers. •  Established process allowing national customers to understand and influence multi-billion dollar decisions regarding space-based reconnaissance intelligence. •  Directed International Space Cooperation Program with allied nations. •  Implemented program for NRO management of all Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) Special Communications activities.   Study Director for Jeremiah Panel responsible for defining the mission and responsibilities of the NRO for the future. •  Reviewed NRO mission, organization, management, technology development program and business practices. Recommendations for improvements approved by the Secretary of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence. May 1997-December 1997 National Defense Panel Study Director for seven-month congressionally mandated study on determining the mission and objectives of the US Armed Forces for the 21 st century. •  Reviewed existing mission, budget and force structure of the Armed Forces. •  Developed priorities for Defense five-year plans and programs. •  Recommendations were supported by the Secretary of Defense and US Congress.   January 1995-March 1996 Defense Intelligence Agency Deputy Director , Chief Operating Officer responsible for management of day-to-day operations of large scale Defense Agency with several thousand employees and a budget in the hundreds of millions. Deputy Program Manager of billion dollar program for the production, collection and support of Defense-wide military intelligence. •  Conducted review of all agency resources. Adjusted agency priorities; reallocated resources based on new priorities; developed and implemented successful legislative proposal for resource augmentation; and initiated agency quality program and outsourcing review. •  Established agencies information system program and priorities. •  Reoriented and restructured Defense-wide Intelligence production program. •  Provided guidance and direction for Defense Measurement and Signature and the Defense Human Intelligence Program. •  Developed and implemented agencies senior executive service program and served as senior procurement executive. Assigned 70 senior executives and evaluated performance.   July 1991-January 1996 Office of the Secretary of Defense Director, Intelligence Program Support Group (IPSG) established for oversight of all Defense Intelligence resources and the functional, technical and programmatic evaluations of intelligence programs. •  Implemented National foreign Intelligence Program (NFIP) and Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities (TIARA) cross-program reviews; •  Established the Counterintelligence and Security and related activities program; managed development of the Joint Military Intelligence Program (JMIP). •  Chaired DCI-directed community wide review on intelligence infrastructure. •  Established Intelligence Systems Council to address intelligence community-wide systems issues relating to interoperability, programmatics and architectures. •  Developed program for successfully gaining Congressional support for initiatives.   July 1987-July 1991 Defense Intelligence Agency Deputy Director for Resources serving at corporate vice-president level position responsible for Agency's day-to-day administrative operations. Daily supervision of 800 employees and annual budget in excess of 100 million.   EDUCATION University of Wisconsin , BS History, 1967 American University, MS Information Systems, 1975 Industrial College of the Armed Forces, 1981 Harvard University , Senior Executives in National Security, 1990

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