Henning - Hubertus von Steuben

President of the Steuben Family Association

President of the Steuben Family Association

Henning - Hubertus Baron von Steuben, born 1951, studied public law at the Georg August Universität Göttingen. After his journalistic education he reported for different german newspapers, broadcasting services and TV-stations, covering national and international events from Africa, the Middle East and North America. He is specialized in politics, military and defense topics and made himself a name as a frequent speaker at numerous national and international events.  He has given speeches inter alia:

2003 at the White House Convention Center, Washington/DC, USA  “Prussian Values”
2004 at the General Inspector School, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, USA,  “Military Leadership”
2005 at the Steuben Monument Rededication Ceremony, Potsdam, Germany, “The Iraq war and the German-American relations”
2006 at the Yorktown Anniversary, Yorktown, Virginia, US  “Historical review of the War of Independance“
2009 at the City Hall, Steubenville, Ohio, USA
2011 at the Rotary Club, Hamburg, Germany “Politik und Medien”

Articles by Henning - Hubertus von Steuben