Giovanni Bernardi

MajGen ret

MajGen ret

Giovanni Bernardi is a Major General (ret) of the Italian Army. He enrolled at the Military Academy in Modena in (1968-70) and after two more years at the Artillery School in Turin (1970-72), he started his career as an artillery officer. His professional experience includes working periods in Albania, Belgium, Germany, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and the United States of America. He also had working relations with officers and civilian officials of all NATO and PfP countries. During his career he had significant experience in Public Information and International Relations. His last job in the PI field was Chief PI of the Multinational Operation "Alba" (Albania, 1997). He retired in 1999 and started a career as a Company Consultant (strategic marketing and communication). He has also been a lecturer in PI at some Italian Staff Colleges and Universities. In the year 2003 he founded, and is the editor-in-chief of the web magazine Pagine di Difesa, which deals with International and Defence Policy news and analysis. He has a university degree in Strategic Sciences, and is fluent in english and french.

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