Elisabeth Kendall

Senior Research Fellow Islamic Studies Oxford

Senior Research Fellow Islamic Studies Oxford

Elisabeth Kendall studied at Oxford and Harvard Universities, where she gained a first class degree in Arabic, a PhD in Modern Arabic Literature and a postgraduate certificate in Turkish. She was a post-doctoral fellow at Queen's College, Oxford for comparative research into Turkish and Arabic literature before moving to Edinburgh University in 2003 as lecturer in the Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. Her core research is on modern Arabic cultural and literary trends. Her latest book, Literature, Journalism and the Avant-Garde: Intersection in Egypt, appeared in 2006. She retains a strong interest in Arabic language pedagogy, advocating a more practical approach to teaching. As part of this initiative, she published Media Arabic: An Essential Vocabulary in 2005, now to be turned into a comprehensive series with Edinburgh and Georgetown University Presses. She played a leading role in the construction of the Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World (CASAW), a consortium of Edinburgh, Durham and Manchester Universities launched as part of a UK government initiative in 2006. Following two years in the private sector, she returned to academia as Director of the Centre in 2008. Since 2010, she holds the position of Senior Research Fellow in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Oxford.

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