Dr. Daria Daniels Skodnik

NATO Defense College

NATO Defense College

Dr. Daria Daniels Skodnik holds a Ph.D in Political Theory from LUISS University in Rome (2012), an MA in International Law from the University of Maribor (2006), and a BA in Political Science/ International Relations from the University of Ljubljana (2002).

After over two decades of military service, she left the military as the uniformed military specialist* with the rank of Colonel to pursue an academic career in civilian life. As a military officer, she held a wide variety of appointments mostly oriented to international military cooperation, and worked with numerous international organizations, e.g., NATO, the EU, OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) and CENCOOP (Central European Nations' Co-operation in Peace Support). Dr. Daniels thus gained considerable experience and strategic insight when it comes to identifying policy solutions for the military sector.She also worked extensively on a bilateral basis with many countries' militaries, especially in the fields of education and training. She received a number of notable military awards throughout her military career for her outstanding work. She completed her military career whilst serving as Faculty Adviser and Senior National Representative at the NATO Defense College (NDC) in Rome, but has continued to work in the Alliance's premier academic institution as a civilian, first as a Visiting Scholar and more recently as a Senior Fellow. Her areas of responsibility are focused on the Global Security Environment, and in particular on those Regional Security Issues that are relevant to the NATO Alliance. She also has wider responsibilities for curriculum development and the management of studies and research on transatlantic security issues. Her own research, teaching and mentoring is focused on the "Systematic Comprehensive Approach to Crisis Management".Dr. Daniels' other research interests lie in Geopolitics, Sustainable Global Security, International Relations, International Organizations and Cooperative Security.

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