Amin Hashwani

India-Pakistan CEO’s Business Forum

India-Pakistan CEO’s Business Forum

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B. A. (Business Management and Agricultural Economics), Cornell University , New York , U.S. A., 1985 OCCUPATION: Working in family business with interests in commodities, mining ,industrial minerals, properties, and textiles POSITIONS: •  Vice Chairman, Karachi Cotton Association, 1999-2000, 2001-2002 •  Chairman, Young President Organization ( YPO ), 2002-2003 •  President, Pakistan-France Business Alliance , 2002-2004 •  Founding President, India-Pakistan CEOs Business Forum, 2003-2005 •  Member of various committees on investment, trade and social services INITIATIVES UNDERTAKEN: •  Co-founded the Peace Action Network ( PAN ), a group of CEOs undertaking initiatives to build bridges between societies using the global business network ( YPO ) for sustainable action in making a difference around the world, 2001 •  Initiated a series of international peace forums that meet regularly to better understand each other's point of view and undertake projects to build bridges between them, 2002 onwards •  Co-founded The Middle East Peace Forum, a regular forum of Arab and Israeli CEOs ( YPO members) •  Co-founded the Indo-Pak Peace Forum, a forum of Indian and Pakistani CEOs •  Co-founded The JAMA Peace Forum, A forum of Jews and Arab/Muslim CEOs living in North America ( YPO members) •  Co-founded The Greek-Turk Peace Forum, a forum of Greek and Turkish CEOs ( YPO members) OTHER ACTIVITIES: •  National Co-coordinator for the Jinnah Film Project (A movie on the Founder of the Nation), 1998 •  Event Chairman, India-Pakistan YPO Joint Chapter Event (Organized a group event for 133 YPO members, representing leading Indian business houses, who were hosted for three days by the Pakistan Chapter in Lahore, Islamabad, Mohenjodaro and Karachi), 2003 •  Led a high profile Pakistani business delegation to India to collaborate with the Confederation of Indian Industries in initiating business ties between the two countries, 2003 •  Led a delegation of businessmen to Paris to participate in a conference, inaugurated by President Musharraf, on investment in Pakistan , 2003 PARTICIPATION IN CONFERENCES AND MEDIA EVENTS: •  Panelist on several teleconference calls for YPO chapter events across the U.S. A., discussing the challenges ahead and Muslim prospective on issues post 9/11, (‘02) . •  Co-Organizer and panelist in a global teleconference connecting over 1000 CEOs ( YPO members) on changing perceptions through better understanding around the world, ‘02. •  Guest speaker (“Perceptions in a polarized world”), Salzburg Winter Conference YPO , Austria , ‘02 •  Guest speaker (“ Muslim views in the world post 9/11”), Boston University YPO Conference , U.S.A. , ‘03. •  Guest speaker YPO joint chapter event, Springs field, Massachusetts , ‘04. •  Co organizer/moderator for the Islamabad Islamic Scholar's Conference on state and society, Islamabad '04. •  Speaker at various conferences in Pakistan on globalization and its impact. •  Appeared on various national and international programmes on trade and geopolitics. •  Written articles on business and geopolitics in Pakistani newspapers. RECOGNITIONS: •  Young Entrepreneurship Award, Institute of Business Administration , Karachi University , 1989 •  Pioneering New Frontiers Award “for . . .extraordinary initiative to build bridges .. .across borders.. .to make a powerful difference for the good in the world,” awarded by YPO , 2003 •  Legacy Award, awarded by YPO , 2004 •  Best of the Best, Global Networking Award, awarded by YPO , 2004 •  Interchapter Award, awarded by YPO , 2004

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