Bernd D. Weber

Redactor and free journalist of "Report-Verlag", Germany. Born in East Prussia on July 6, 1940 1960 – 1964 diploma in political science and language science, universities Kiel and Cologne/Germany, Grenoble/France 1971 – 1974 General Staff College Hamburg/Germany and Madrid/Spain Appointments as general staff officer, German Army, in CENTAG, SHAPE/Paris and Casteau/Belgium, NORTHAG. Last assignment as colonel at the “Office for Studies and Exercises of the Armed Forces”. Starting January 1, 1993 he was free journalist for “IAP Sicherheitspolitik” and “Europäische Sicherheit”, “Soldat und Technik”; since 2004 he has been free journalist for “Report-Verlag” and his online editions “Sicherheitspolitik aktuell” and “Informationsdienst Sicherheit” (IDS)

Articles by Bernd D. Weber