Leon Hadar

SUMMARY An analyst, journalist, author and lecturer specializing in international politics and economic with a focus on the Middle East, South Asia and the Pacific Rim. Degrees in political science, international affairs, communication and journalism. Experience includes serving as a foreign correspondent based in New York and Washington, conducting research on international issues in think tanks, teaching political science and journalism in academic institutions, contributing global political and economic analysis and commentary to print and broadcast media, lecturing on international topics, and authoring two books on U.S. foreign policy. EDUCATION 1991 Doctor of Philosophy. School of International Service, American University, Washington, DC. Doctoral dissertation was supported by a grant from the Earhart Foundation and analyzed the impact of television coverage on U.S. foreign policy. Recipient of the 1991 Special Award for “outstanding scholarship.” 1981 Certificate. Middle East Institute, Columbia University, New York City. 1980 Master of Science. School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York City. Recipient of the 1980 Henry Taylor Award for “demonstrating the qualities of superior journalist.” 1977 Master of Social Science. The Communication Institute, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 1975 B.A. Political Science and International Relations, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. WORK HISTORY 1990- Global Political / Economic Analyst Present Contributing analyses and commentaries to daily U.S. and foreign newspapers: New York Times; Washington Post; Los Angeles Times; Christian Science Monitor; Dallas Morning News; Houston Chronicle; Atlanta Journal & Constitution; Chicago Tribune; Philadelphia Inquirer; The Baltimore Sun: San Diego Tribune; Hartford Courant; Rochester Democrat & Chronicle; Orlando Sentinel; St. Petersburg Times; Palm Beach Post; St. Paul Pioneer Press; Statesman- Journal (Salem, Oregon); Orange County Register; Washington Times; Ottawa Citizen; El Pais; O Estado De Sao Paulo; The Korea Herald; Hoy (Ecuador); Commoner (Nepal); The Australian. Publishing articles in political and foreign policy magazines: Foreign Affairs; Foreign Policy; World Policy Journal; Current History; Journal of International Affairs; Middle East Journal; Middle East Policy; Middle East Insight; Mediterranean Quarterly; The Japanese Institute of Middle Eastern Economics Review; Journal of Palestine Studies; Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: Columbia Journalism Review; Reason; The American Enterprise; The World & I; Chronicles; Liberty; The American Conservative (contributing editor). Giving interviews to broadcast news shows: Cable New Network; Fox News Channel; National Public Radio; British Broadcasting Corporation; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Voice of America; America’s Defense Monitor; The McLaughlin Group; WJLA (ABC); German TV. Posting columns on internet news sites: TheGlobalist.com; Antiwar.com; LewRockell.com; The National Interest Online; Right Web (IRC); FOXNews.com; Asia Times Online. Participating in lecture programs: World Affairs Councils of Washington, Cleveland and Pittsburgh; The World Policy Institute; The Middle East Institute; The Middle East Policy Council; The Smithsonian Associates Lecture Series; Donald & Paula Smith Family Foundation 1991- Cato Institute: Research Fellow in Foreign Policy Studies Present Conducting research on post-Cold War U.S. foreign policy, preparing eleven monograph-length policy analysis papers dealing with international politics and economics, American diplomacy, national security and trade policy, the Middle East, South Asia and the Pacific Rim, and representing the institute in media interviews and speaking engagements. Authoring Quagmire: America in the Middle East (Cato Institute, 1992) and Sandstorm: Policy Failure in the Middle East (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005), co-authoring America Entangled: The Persian Gulf Crisis and Its Consequences (Cato Institute, 1991), The Persian Gulf after the Cold War (Praeger, 1993), Exiting Iraq (Cato Institute, 2004), and contributing to the annual Cato Handbook on Policy. 1993- Business Times of Singapore: Washington Correspondent. Present Filing daily news reports, analysis and editorials focusing on American diplomatic and economic ties with the Pacific Rim nations, global trade, financial and strategic issues, and U.S. monetary and fiscal policies. Also reported from Washington for the Straits Times of Singapore and Hadashot (Israel). 1996-99 China Business & Investment:: Washington Editor Analyzing political and economic trends in Washington, including government policies and federal legislation affecting American businesses and investors. 1992-94 Voice of America (Special English): Writer/ Editor Writing, editing and producing news shows for international radio programs. 1988-90 Mount Vernon College, Washington, DC: Assistant Professor of Political Science Coordinating the international relations studies program and teaching courses in political science and international relations. 1987-96 American University, Washington, DC: Professorial Lecturer Teaching courses in international relations, Middle East politics and journalism in the Schools of International Service, Public Affairs and Communication. 1986-87 Center for International Development and Conflict Management: Visiting Fellow Conducting research on resolving ethnic and religious conflicts and pursuing economic development strategies in Third World countries. 1983-84 Institute on East West Security Studies: Resident Fellow Participating in a research project aimed at finding solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict and encouraging economic cooperation in the Middle East. 1980-84 Jerusalem Post : New York Correspondent Reporting on the United Nations, US policy in the Middle East, and the American Jewish Community. Also reported from New York for the Jewish Chronicle (London) and Al Hamishmar (Israel). 1977-79 Consulate of Israel, New York: Media Analyst Monitoring US media coverage of the Middle East. 1975-77 The Israeli Labor Party: Parliamentary Press Secretary Serving as press spokesman for Labor ‘s Members of Parliament (Knesset).

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