Ami stay here

Posted in United States | 16-Oct-04 | Author: Dieter Farwick

After years of the slogan “Ami go home”, today we face the opposite slogan “Ami stay here” – in Europe and in Asia. This is the reaction to the announcement of the US government to restructure the dislocation of American forces around the world.

The respective countries are now trying to safeguard the presence of the American forces at a time when other countries are offering their territories as bases for American forces. The offered conditions are very attractive for the US.

There will be losers and there will be winners. Some countries will be hit very hard because their own armed forces will be reduced in the near future. For example, Germany will close about 100 of its 600 garrisons. A compensation will be hard to find in an era of a weak economy and a high unemployment.

One winner will certainly be the Unites States. They will have the free choice of where to leave and where to stay. Without a doubt, there are good reasons for the US government to come to a new force posture around the world with view to potential theatres of operation.

Our newsletter – taken from IISS Strategic Comments, Volume 10., Issue 7 October 2004 - offers an insight into the various issues of this plan.