UN Security Council: Edited text of the resolution

Posted in UN , Other | 25-May-04 | Source: Guardian

The Security Council determining that the situation in Iraq continues to constitute a threat to international peace and security:

Endorses the formation of a sovereign Interim government of Iraq that will take office by June 30 2004;

Welcomes the commitment of the occupying powers to end the occupation by 30 June 2004, at which time the coalition provisional authority will cease to exist and the interim government of Iraq will assume the responsibility and authority for governing a sovereign Iraq;

Endorses the proposed timetable for Iraq's political transition to democratic government including:

a) formation of a sovereign interim government of Iraq that will assume governing authority by June 30 2004;

b) convening of a national conference; and

c) holding of direct democratic elections by December 31 2004, if possible, and in no case later than January 31 2005, to a transitional national assembly which will, inter alia, have responsibility for drafting a permanent constitution for Iraq under which democratic elections to a national government will be held;

Calls on all Iraqis to implement these arrangements peaceably and in full, and on all states and relevant organisations to support such implementations;

Decides that in implementing its mandate to assist the Iraq people, the special representative of the secretary general and the United Nations assistance mission for Iraq (UNAMI) shall in particular:

i) assist in the convening ... of a national conference to select a consultative council;

ii) advise and support the interim government of Iraq and the transitional national assembly as required on the process for holding elections;

iii) promote national dialogue and consensus-building on the drafting of a national constitution by the people of Iraq; ...

Reaffirms the authorisation for the multinational force under unified command established under resolution 1511;

Decides that the multinational force shall have authority to take all necessary measures to contribute to the maintenance of security and stability in Iraq ...

Decides further that the mandate for the multinational force shall be reviewed 12 months from the date of this resolution or at the request of the transitional government;

Recognises that the multinational force will also assist in building the capability of the Iraqi security forces and institutions, through recruitment, training, equipping, mentoring and monitoring ...

Requests member state and international and regional security organisations to contribute assistance to the multinational forces, including military forces, to help meet the needs of the Iraqi people;

Notes that upon dissolution of the coalition provisional authority the funds in the development fund for Iraq shall be disbursed at the direction of the interim government of Iraq;

Decides that the development fund for Iraq shall be utilised in a transparent manner and through the Iraq budget, including to satisfy outstanding obligations against the fund, that the arrangement for the depositing of proceeds from exports sales of petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas and its products established in paragraph 20 of resolution 1483 shall continue to apply ... [and] the interim government of Iraq ... shall assume the rights, responsibilities and obligations relating to the oil-for-food programme ...