Palestine at the United Nations

Posted in UN , Israel / Palestine , Broader Middle East | 30-Nov-12 | Source: PLO Negotiations Affairs Department

Palestinians chant slogans during a protest against aid cuts to the Hamas-led Palestinian government, in Gaza Monday April 10, 2006.

The PLO Negotiations Affairs Department released a study entitled "Palestine at the United Nations: A Vote for Peace and Justice." Copies of this study will be distributed to all member states of the United Nations before the vote to enhance Palestine's status at the UN.

The contents of the publication are according to the PLO:

· International statements in support of Palestine's Freedom.
· Excerpts from the Speech of H.E President Mahmoud Abbas to the UNGA in September 27, 2012.
· Palestine and the International Community: A Shared Vision for Peace.
· Israel's Agenda: Colonization and Apartheid.
· 65 Years of UN Resolutions on Palestine
· Key Aspects of International Law Relating to Palestine
· Unilateral Israeli Actions VS/ International Law.
· 64 Years of Exile: Palestine Refugees.
· 20 Years of Undermined Efforts: The Peace Process.
· Palestine on the International Agenda: Extracts from speeches delivered at the last UNGA General Debate (September 2012).
· Conclusion: The Palestinian people will continue their noble and dignified struggle.

You can download the study here