Pope Francis' Wisdom for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

Posted in Tolerance , Other | 24-Dec-13 | Author: Hubertus Hoffmann

As a focal point for your contemplation, for Christmas I am sending you an important document from Rome.

In the midst of this year's Christmas stress and consumerist frenzy, we should stop and turn towards what is really important – our fellow human.

The message from the Vatican contains many good words of wisdom for all people, including those of other religions.

Download and print the "Evangelii Gaudium" of the Holy Father Francis here.

Read it under the Christmas tree. The universal message of peace and joy.

You can also hear the reconciliation message of my friend Archbishop Alfons Nossol of Opole/Oppeln in Silesia in Poland as a WSN TV Video (in German) here:

These two wise men of the church show us the way to inner peace, real non-materialist joy and reconciliation between people. We can all learn something from them.

I sincerely wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, a happy Holiday Season and happiness and satisfaction in the new year of 2014.

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