7 Bullet Point Plan to defend our Free World

Posted in Terrorism | 20-Aug-03 | Author: Hubertus Hoffmann

-Written just a few hours after 9/11-
  1. Prevent “provocative weakness” by immediate and massive retaliation against terrorist leaders, networks and their harboring governments: Talk to Fritz Kraemer.
  2. Preempt a possible 2nd wave of terror by increasing security measures at all levels.
  3. Deal with the Islamic world like NATO did successfully with the two track decision in December 1979: isolate the aggressive negative forces from the moderate majority. i.e. Koran says: “Do not kill innocent people!”. Therefore there is no religious basis for the attacks. The terrorists are anti-islamic : Talk to Mubarak, General Musharraf.
  4. Stop financing or else embargo governments with educational programs for their children based on hate and aggression towards the Free World: Talk to Arafat.
  5. Form new alliances with countries, especially from the Islamic community, which actively oppose this attack and measurably support the defensive anti-terrorist-program.
  6. Incentivise substantially all Islamic governments and organizations which distance themselves now from their terrorist supporting past: Talk to Gadafi.
  7. Support Israel’s self-defense openly as this country is endangered of being destroyed by this historcal terroristic hate wave.

Munich, Germany, 12th September 2001