British-based Terrorists Call for Destruction of Israel and Jews Worldwide

Posted in Terrorism | 17-Jul-06 | Author: Jeremy Reynalds

Omar Bakri

As the conflict in the Middle East boils over, British-based terrorists are calling for the complete destruction of Israel and Jews worldwide using global terrorism.

Recordings made of a July 14 cyber conversation on a radical Islamic group found on (Followers of Ahl Al Sunnah Wal Jamaah, found in the Religion and Theology Islam section of Paltalk) reveal that horrifying agenda.

For example. The transcript of a recent conversation on that Paltalk group by an individual who while identifying himself on the group by a different name is the controversial Abu Izadeen read, "We should expose this cancer Israel for being a thorn in the side of Muslims for 80 years or more. We can't just sit back saying nothing (or) doing nothing ... Israel should not be there. No one should except ... the Muslims ... The Israelis should not have any space at all to live in Palestine because that's why it's called Palestine. The Israelis are sitting in Muslim lands in Palestine. Israel is not a government. It’s not a nation. It’s an occupying army occupying Muslim lands. It should be thrown out."

Another portion of the conversation read, "Other Jews not from Israel, yes, we hate them as well. Now other non-Jews, we hate them as well. Christians, Hindus, any faith that does not worship Allah we hate and are our enemies. Hate all disbelievers."

The speaker asked, rhetorically, what can be done. He answered, "From the time the (heathen) Briton, American and Israel enter Muslims lands, it's the right of all Muslims now. It is global jihad! When the jihad has spread all over the world, occupation has spread to every country in the Muslim lands. Now it has become a war declared openly (and) the jihad affects every single Muslim. (We encourage every Muslim) to fight the jihad physically, financially and verbally – all three – so (those who are) far away from the fight or can't reach it ... can still support ... the jihad ... We can incite the believers; we can promote the jihad and mujahideen. Let the (heathen) know they are not just fighting a few Muslims in Beirut, but 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide ... United we will condemn them in London, speak out asking Allah to destroy them; no two states. We are going to ask Allah to destroy them completely so that there is not one left; every single one is dead in Israel. Give victory to the Muslims and destroy all of our enemies."

The writer also criticized (the terrorist group) Hamas, currently Palestians ruling party. He stated,

"Hamas is never going to have victory while it's involved in any democratic process ... Victory is only in the hands of Allah. It does not matter who you have on your side. Allah is the only one who can give victory, not the (unbelievers or) the parliament. Nobody other than Allah. That is the driving force behind our actions. If we have this al-Qaeda, we know we fight the jihad. ... even if we don't have large force, if we only have 10 and they have 10,000, we will never compromise. It’s our al-Qaeda that makes us fight. It teaches us that we will get victory from Allah. Allah can give us victory even with one man."

Another portion of the same conversation read that even if the Muslim guerilla group Hezbollah stops hostilities against Israel, this group has no intention of doing so. "We are not going to stop fighting Israel. Let Hezbollah stop fighting; we are not going to stop fighting Israel. They the Israelis are the enemy of Muslims all the way from Indonesia to Spain to Africa. We must fight the Israelis; they are (occupiers) of Muslim lands. We must fight them physically, verbally and financially."

The group of which this writer is a part is reportedly linked to al- Qaeda but based in the United Kingdom, with members in cities such as London and Birmingham. Members of the group hold nightly meetings on

The group’s spiritual leader, Omar Bakri who fled from London to Lebanon, speaks regularly from Beirut to his followers via Paltalk. He preaches a message of hate against Israel, America and Britain (

After some recent media attention was focused on this group, a disclaimer is now posted on the site. It reads, "This room is an open, public and largely unrestricted room, any views aired or posted in this room are not necessarily the views held by the owners, users or admins of the room."

The apparent lack of response by British law enforcement officials and others has given rise to fears that western political leaders do not understand that radical Islam is on a crusade both openly and behind closed doors to destroy Israel, and wreak havoc in America and Britain.

According to Vigil Network member Glen Jenvey, who has provided the monitoring of the Paltalk site, Bakri maintains contact with his followers via cell phone from Beirut telling them he is well, but living close to the Beirut airport bombed by Israel.

Jenvey said by e-mail, "If what is openly going on in London and across the U.K. is going on across Europe and in other western countries, we are headed for trouble. It’s a call by radical Muslims for an all out open war on the west and all democratic nations. We could be dealing with not a few hundred radical extremists like in the U.K. capital, but thousands in the West ready to take up arms on our streets in an all out war against other faiths."

Jenvey ominously added, "Political figures might be missing the facts: that a hard-line spiritual leader like Omar Bakri, with access from Beirut to telephones faxes and computers plus chat sites, with the ability to personally raise funds and recruit in the UK, is as bad as him being in London himself stirring up racial troubles. We are going to face the fact that it might not be long before we see another terror strike on the U.K." .

Vigil Network is a new organization established in Britain in late 2005 which by using a team of volunteer cyber experts (of whom Jenvey is one), are hoping to ensure that the terrible events of July 7 2005 will never again happen in the U.K.

Vigil attempts to achieve its goals by monitoring the online radical Islamic movement. Its members then pass on reliable assistance and information to the British authorities and help them foil terrorist plots and break up Jihadist cells.

Vigil’s Dominic Whiteman emphasized that the network does not replace British law enforcement, but acts as a reliable interface between private terror trackers and retired intelligence personnel on the one hand and the British authorities on the other. "We monitor. We do not meddle. We're vigilant not vigilante," he says. "In war time it is extraordinary that we have so many of the enemy living and plotting on our territory. We expose the enemy amongst us and furnish the authorities with evidence to jail or deport these traitors."