Terrorist Threat to Iranian Dissidents is a threat to World Security

Posted in Terrorism , Iran | 23-Jan-15 | Author: Shahriar Kia,

In April, 2013, the US and UN were warned that a terrorist attack may be about to take place by the Iraqi forces affiliated with Iranian Qods force, based on the preparations being made for it outside a refugee Camp, 60 miles north of Baghdad, home to 3000 Iranian dissidents. The result of ignoring those warning was that there was a massacre inside the camp on September 1, 2013 after attackers dressed in Iraqi army clothing entered the camp. 52 unarmed civilians inside the camp were killed. Of course, that was definitely not the end of the line.

During recent days there have been very suspicious activities and measures against the same people now in Camp Liberty, adjacent to Baghdad international airport which are the reminder of Iraqi forces' measures before the Ashraf massacre on 1 September.

On Sunday 18 January, three militiamen entered Camp Liberty under the pretext of going to the Iraqi clinic inside the camp for treatment. Contrary to their known duty of preventing the entry of outsiders and checking their identities, the police officers at the Camp's entrance did not stop them.

The three individuals had military uniform on, but they were neither from the army nor from the police. Their physical appearance and having beard showed they were militias. At a time that the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq is growing day by day, the terrorist militias affiliated to this regime have intensified their reconnaissance activities and preparations for attacking Liberty. 

The security of Camp Liberty residents, supposedly protected by the United Nations, and guaranteed by the United States of America, is under threat. Silence and turning one’s back to these threats by the terrorist groups affiliated with Iranian regime is itself the main element allowing the growth of this fundamentalist octopus all over the world. This time, France and Europe have been targeted. The horrific massacre of 10 journalists and two police officers in Paris can be easily described as the latest sign of the growth of Islamic fundamentalism, and if we follow up on such ideas we will reach Khomeini’s fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

The important question that comes to mind here is that is the world condemned to living in fear of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism? And is there a solution to end this crisis and maintain world peace and security? The answer is simple: First one must see the root of this crisis, and then pay the price to uproot it!

When terrorism feeds from one ideology, the scope of its threats and destructive consequences are much wider than nuclear bombs.

Amongst the political regimes of the new age is a regime that has ruled Iran for the past 35 years, known as a religious and terrorist dictatorship with its intellectual pillars founded on terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism. With the Ayatollahs coming to power in Iran back in 1979, the violent way of thought of terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism have become political power, in a country with the importance of Iran in the Middle East. This way of thought has become the force behind the development of fundamentalism in Islamic countries.

Terrorism and crimes against innocent people in the name of Islam was first founded by Khomeini, the founder of the “Islamic republic” in Iran. The fatwa (An official order from an Islamic religious leader) to murder English writer Salman Rushdie, an Indian-born British author for writing “Satanic Verses”, and terror attacks afterwards were launched against a number of publishers and interpreters of this book, a path followed today by Islamic extremist terrorists in Paris. Until the source and roots of this phenomenon is not destroyed in Tehran, it will grow like cancer.

Godfather of Terrorism and extremism is in Iran

The Iranian daily newspaper of ‘Yaletharat al-Hussein’ belongs to the Ansar Hezbollah, which is financed and given a four-story building by the office of Iranian regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, in its latest issue no. 780, welcomed the assassination of four caricaturists and eight journalists of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris.

The result of this state-sponsored terrorism is the growth and increase of number of extremist cells and groups across the Middle East from Yemen to Lebenon, which is currently seeking to establish an “Islamic caliphate” of their own. Beheadings, amputating hands and feet, torture to the point of death against those accused of enmity against God, are all actions first founded and instituted by the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

However, one must take into consideration that the Iranian regime profits from advertising and promoting this policy in the minds of its political counterparts, and this is the same philosophy of political terrorism and the final use of terrorism, meaning creating a rule of fear and horror.

The deal for the sake of having the deal is a dangerous misconception by Obama

In November 2014, in a letter to Khamenei, US President Barack Obama promised to include the Iranian regime in the international coalition’s operations against ISIS in return for a nuclear deal. Exchanging letters to Khamenei, the senior leader of the state which, according to Obama’s own State Department, is the leading sponsor of global terrorism and one of the main human rights violators in our day and age, results in encouraging terrorism and fundamentalism, the rise of ISIS, the current crisis in the Middle East from Yemen to Lebanon, massacre of Iranian opposition members (PMOI) in Iraq, and of course most recently the Paris massacre.

Therefore, to stop terrorism, one must target the source of its mentality and the historic cradle of terrorism in the name of Islam. And by supporting Iranian regime’s alternative under the leadership of a Muslim woman, Maryam Rajavi, founded on a democratic and pluralist Islam, with over 35 years of experience fighting fundamentalism in Iran, is the sole solution and cultural-political alternative in the face of Islamic extremism, and will respond to the international community’s vital needs.