Riots in Greece: The undercover news

Posted in Terrorism , Europe , Broader Middle East | 10-Dec-08 | Author: Ioannis Michaletos| Source: International Analyst Network

Riot police unit pass a burning barricade during a demonstration in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki.

The present Analyst-Network website has as a main aim to inform a specialized and enlightened audience of the "undercover" nature of events within the global security & intelligence sector.

In this case, an alternative point of view is going to be presented which derives from a careful analysis and observation of the riots in Greece and reliable information streaming from the domestic security circles. For obvious reasons, matters concerning operational or intelligence procedures will not be mentioned or commented.

The riots were orchestrated since late summer 2008. There were reports within the Greek police that the riots would commence by the Christmas period at the latest; the location and the justification was not known, but any event could have caused them. This is a copycat case of what happened in France in Octomber 2005.

The culprits in the higher level are Islamic netowrks in the Middle East, hand-in-hand with corrupted Western officials that are selling their services for the highest bidder.

The purpose is to destabilize Greece, since it is the "Weakest link" of the Eurozone countries. The ultimate goal is the creation of a European space suitable for expansion of the Middle Eastern networks. For the moment the latter use a variety of techniques to bolster their aims:

Terrorism, disinformation, Psy Ops, bribing officials. They are trying to throw USA against Russia from one side and disentegrate the bonds between EU-USA from the other side. They are the ones that burned Greek forests in summer 2007, in an operation some call "Ibrahim Project", thus reminding of the same damages in the same region by Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt during the Greek revolution in the summer of 1827.

There is a great issue nowadays with the existence of more than obvious links between renegade intelligence officers of Western origin with anarchist-radical movements in order to destabilize European countries.

The anarchist-radical network of disoriented youth is very strong in Europe as the riots in 2005 showed where the radicals and the Muslims joined forces to damage Sarkozy’s image to no avail. In France recently it was announced by the Ministry of Interior that French anarchists that were in contact with Greek and Italian counterparts, tried to sabotage the railway network (TGV trains). The inability of the western goverments to comprehend what is really at stake already has grave consequences for Europe.

Moreover the deals being made between European and Russian energy companies that will increase natural gas imports by the former, greatly diminishes the influence of the Saudis in Europe along with their long-term income.

The new American Administration should really understand that it has been used for a number of years by Riyad (and others) that has already managed to throw American forces into the Iraqi and Afgani battlefields were the new 21st century Mujahedeen forces are being molded. They will be used against Europe in a few years in a play that surpasses the ability of the Western capitals to deal with this kind of war.

Back to Greece, the riots were executed using internet-new media techniques, such as instant messaging from a mobile phone to webpages such as Indymedia along with use of CB’s, facebook pages, walkie-talkies, and construction of "Flow-networks" and already established "dark networks" within the city.

The French goverment has already called for tough action by the Greek goverment, whilst the intelligence apparatus of the former provides assistance to the latter. Over the coming days it seems that all the known security forces in the world will either try to take advantage of the situation or take the side of the Greek goverment.

As a concluding mark, the present blog emphatically notes that the responsibility of the Western capitals is of historical purpotions. Rioting by "Radical youth" will become an everyday reality in the Continent in the coming years and the security forces should look further than their noose when assesing a situation.

A 4th world war errupted in 2001, which has enemy collaborators within our ranks. Before any victory can be called, they should be removed and punished accordingly.

The riots in Greece are just one small incident of the ongoing war that may last more than the previous ones and it is one of all-encompassing national, social, and economic nature.

Interested readers should not forget that the first "Little war" of the Cold war started in Greek soil in 1946. The enemy then was clear and present. Now it is not and the effort will be much more difficult.

Post Scriptum

1)Quite a few Greek "radical groups" have adopted Arabic "Noms de Guerre", promote illegal immigration of Muslims into Europe and call in for the destruction of Western civilazation. They are part of an almost global network that acts as a "Soft power" element of the hard one as envisaged by Al Qaeda. Once more, it has to be stressed that rogue elements of Western security forces protect them and they have to be dealt with as soon as possible.