SNC President Participates in the second Working Group on Economic Recovery and Development

Posted in Syria | 25-Oct-12 | Source: Syria National Council

Germany and the United Arab Emirates hosted on the 4th of Sep 2012 the second Working Group on Economic Recovery and Development of the Syrian Economy, to which the president of the Syrian National Council Dr. Abdelbaset Sieda was invited and representatives of United Kingdom, Turkey, the Netherlands, the United States of America, the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council attended.

Syria Council

The working group discussed how to set the course for Syria's future after the end of the Assad regime, and insisted on the importance of improving the Syrian people economic conditions in order to ensure a successful political transition in the country.

Dr. Abdelbaset sieda addressed the attendees in a speech in which he described the atrocities committed by the Assad regimes and his thugs against civilians in Syria. Afterward, Dr. Seida has exposed the reasons for which the Syrian people revolted against the regime, the lack of liberty and free speech, the tyranny and the constant fear under which the people lived, and most importantly the corruption and selective economical system from which the Assad family and their close friend benefited only. He went on describing how the Syrian people will achieve prosperity first by investing Syria oil revenues and frozen Assad assets in Syria reconstruction and then by presenting business opportunities to the ingenuous Syrian youth. However, he insisted on that in order to maximize Syria chances in succeeding in its economic recovery, the Syrian people need the assistant of their friends. Dr. Sieda ended his speech in thanking the audience for attending the meeting and for helping the Syrian people, and addressed his special thoughts and wishes for the Syrian people