SNC: Free Syrian People to choose Political Representatives

Posted in Syria | 10-Nov-12 | Source: Syrian National Council

Twenty months ago when the Syrian people began their great revolution, shattered the shackles of disgrace and repression, and reclaimed the freedom stolen by the tyrannical regime, they did not plan to accept any political or national representative that they did not choose by their own free and independent will.

The SNC was born one year ago from the efforts and free will of all Syrians regardless of their different entities. This prompted the revolution to consider the SNC a representative of the revolution's conscience, principles, and aims. The SNC, in spite of the criticism of its performance by some, continued to be viewed by the people as representative of the revolution standing firm in the face of the pressures that aimed to derail it.

In the past months the SNC worked hard for a broader restructuring of all forces. New political and revolutionary forces joined and the SNC's membership rose from 280 to 420 members 3 of whom represent the revolutionary movement while are women. Moreover, the representation in the SNC of activists on the ground increased.

We are approaching new horizons of political work in Syria through the representation of the SNC along with a broad coalition of political forces, revolutionary movements, and national figures. The SNC will continue to play its anticipated role to represent the revolution politically and provide it with humanitarian relief, and provide the Free Syrian Army and the forces on the ground with all that is needed to achieve a full victory over the Assad criminal band.

Any discussion about bypassing the SNC or forming other alternative entities is an attempt to damage the revolution and sow the seeds of division and discord. It is an indication of the lack of seriousness on the part of forces that are presumably supporting the Syrian people against the murderous, criminal regime and a departure from the responsibility to protect civilians from the killing machine that targets them every minute.

The SNC is serious about engaging in a dialogue with all opposition entities about the transitional period to form a government that represents the entire national spectrum. However, any meeting concerning this does not replace or contradict the SNC and will never alter the SNC's political commitments as stated in the Cairo's documents concerning the national pact and the transitional period.

We call on our people to stand side by side. We urge all forces to build the mutual trust that paves the way for a broad national work that aims to liberate Syria from the tyrannical, repressive regime and guide Syria to the path of freedom, dignity, and development.

God bless our noble martyrs, heal our injured, and free our brave prisoners!