Cuban activists promote Assembly of the Civil Society in Cuba.

Posted in Other | 27-Jan-05 | Source: Net for Cuba International

From left to right Ing. César L. Alarcón, Dr. Luis E. Queral and Governor of Maryland Bob Ehrlich Jr.
Annapolis, Maryland January 23 2005. Yesterday in a day painted by a white and intense snowstorm the first Hispanic Republican Convention of Maryland was celebrated in the Lowes Hotel of this capital. The event shone in all its splendor and many different political personalities from the state and national arena concurred.

The Cuban Movement for a Unified Democracy represented by their president Eng. César L. Alarcón and the La Junta Patriótica Cubana of Maryland represented equally by their president Dr. Luis E. Queral took advantage of the occasion to meet with the Governor of Maryland Robert Ehrlich Jr. in search of support and recognition for the "Assembly to promote the Civil Society in Cuba".

During the encounter both activists of human rights widely depicted to the Governor of Maryland the objectives that our opposition in Cuba pursues with this significant event. They explained the reason for the celebration on May 20 2005, which coincides with the anniversary of our Republic where it will be a competing event that will gather diverse opinions of the different organizations (more than three hundred), which illegally work in the island trying to find opportunities for the establishment of a lawful state.

The Governor Ehrlich knows the present situation in Cuba and already has given concrete examples of support to our cause of freedom and Human Rights, as when finding out that the ship Pride of Baltimore II was heading to Cuba in search of commercial interchange with the dictatorship of the island, he issued the order to alter its course preventing such an offensive action.

Bob Governor Ehrlich Jr. expressed his total support to the "Assembly to promote the Civil Society in Cuba", wishing it’s possible accomplishment and he asked for the activists Alarcón and Queral to extend his message of personal congratulation to the brave opponents Martha Beatriz Roque, René Gomez Manzano and Felix Bonne Carcasses and the other defenders of Human Rights for such brave and honest initiative.

The Governor Ehrlich was interested in continuing to receive information referring to the event and in contributing with his support to such noble directed cause to manage the objective to give back to the people of Cuba their most elemental rights.