A race against time

Posted in Other | 09-Aug-04 | Source: The Independent

Tundubai villagers who escaped being massacred by marauding Janjaweed Arab militias in Sudan's Darfur region are seen outside their village.

Darfur is the world's worst humanitarian crisis. Read the statistics, and then find out how to help

1.2 million: the number of refugees forced out of their homes in Darfur, western Sudan in the past 18 months

36,000: the best estimate of the dead - the figure may be 100,000

377: villages found destroyed or damaged in a recent US satellite survey of 578 settlements

200,000: refugees likely to be in poverty-stricken neighbouring Chad by the end of the year

350,000-plus: people who could die in the next few months from disease and malnutrition

1 for every 285 people: provision of latrines in Kalma camp in July, against the aid agencies' target of 1 in 20. That was before mass increase in the number of refugees there

30 days: time the UN gave the Khartoum government to rein in the Janjaweed, or face sanctions

2 million: lives at risk, says chief of UN humanitarian operations, Jan Egeland

A day, a week, a month: all that may be left as the hunger crisis intensifies and the coming rainy season makes the health problems of mass refugee camps worse than ever