Klaus Naumann, Ex-NATO General to SBY: "Remember Bosnia and Kosovo where Christians risked their lifes to rescue Muslims !"

Posted in Other | 21-Sep-06 | Author: Klaus Naumann

Former Chairman of NATO Military Committee and Chief of Staff of the German Federal Armed Forces, General (ret) Klaus Naumann—member of the International Advisory Board of the World Security Network Foundation.

Dear President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono,

I am writing as a retired general to join those who appealed to you during the last few days to reconsider the execution of the three Christians sentenced to death because of their alleged involvement in violent unrest some six years ago.

I do not write in the intention of interfering with the judiciary system of your country but I write as someone who had to take responsibility for the miltary missions which could and indeed did result in death and destruction.

I know as you do what it means to explain to a mother or a caring wife that the son or the husband had to make the ultimate sacrifice and I know as you do the finality of death.

You were in Bosnia when Christian soldiers had to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the lifes of their fellow Muslim Europeans.

In 1999 it were again Christians who risked their lifes in order to rescue Muslims in the Kosovo Air Campaign for which I have to accept some responsibility as the then highest ranking military officer in NATO.

I do not mention these facts in order to ask for a favour in return, I mention it to remind you that Muslims and Christians likewise are not allowed to kill other humans unless there is a clear and justifiable case and that Muslims as well as Christians are obliged to do the utmost to protect human lifes. It was this reason which convinced NATO’s nations in Bosnia and in Kosovo to resort to arms and to stop the killing of innocent people.

Having said all that, Mr. President, I join those who asked you to reconsider the case in question as suggested by many who had monitored this case and not to have your authorities rushing into irrevocable action.

I send my respectful regards and my best wishes for the forthcoming Ramadan.

Klaus Naumann
General (Ret.)