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Posted in Other | 14-Apr-04 | Author: Henning - Hubertus von Steuben

Henning-Hubertus Baron von Steuben (left) - whose ancestor Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben served as Inspector General for American Hero George Washington - was welcomed by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in his office in the Pentagon
When my ancestor, Major General Friedrich Wilhelm Baron von Steuben came in 1777 from Germany to America to help George Washington win the War of Independence, he became not just a friend of the first President of the United States but also a friend of the American people – outstanding symbol for the close German-American relations until today.

Today I ask you to become a "Friend of the World Security Network," a non-profit news and global analytical Foundation based in New York City.

I am honoured to be able to help this organization “Networking a Safer World" by serving as a member of its International Advisory Board.

WSN helps more than 160.000 policy makers, journalists and members of the info-elite around the world understand better current global security challenges and works to improve the important transatlantic relations and NATO cooperation, promote tolerance in the Islamic and Western societies, fight terrorism, and develop fresh proposals to further what George Washington and Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben fought for. For more information on our work, please visit

The founder of the World Security Network, Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, and other concerned global citizens have spent more than $700,000 up to now "Networking a Safer World".

By becoming a "Friend of the World Security Network” with a donation of only $99 per year - tax deductible in the U.S.- you will receive:

  1. A weekly newsletter (52 issues per year) on global security and international affairs with exclusive analysis by leading defence, security and foreign policy experts.

  2. Free access to – a global security website with information, analyses and updates on the major security issues of our time.

  3. Invitations to exclusive breakfast and dinner meetings with experts and policy makers in New York, Washington DC and Berlin.

  4. Connection to the international WSN network, including media executives, policy makers and business leaders throughout the world and its members of the Advisory Board from the U.S., Germany, France, Russia, Greece, Estonia, Hungary and Switzerland.

  5. Participation in “Networking a Safer World" for you and your children- an investment in your future!
Therefore: Join as a "Friend of the World Security Network" now!

Henning – Hubertus Baron von Steuben

Member of the WSN International Advisory Board
President of the Steuben Family Association