Islam in Europe - Confrontation or Cooperation?

Posted in Other | 23-Jul-07 | Author: Dieter Farwick

"How to get out of this vicious circle ?"

My interview with Udo Ulfkotte, the author of the book “Holy war in Europe,” received controversial feedback. The main message, that the Muslim Brotherhood follows a master plan to establish the Caliphate with the Sharia in Europe, was partly accepted and partly rejected. Reactions show that it is very difficult to discuss the issue of the Islamic spread in Europe without prejudices and ideology.

Integration is a two-way street: You need people who want to integrate foreigners and you need foreigners who want to be integrated – without losing their culture and identity. This is the core issue for many Moslems. It’s a vicious circle: As they are not an integral part of the different European societies, too many of them live their separate lives – physically and mentally. They live in their quarters, buy the goods they are used to buying in their native countries and watch television programs from their native countries via satellite.

For them there is no need to speak German, French or Dutch – except their children attending a German, French or Dutch school. The language is the greatest barrier for them. They are often not able to understand what the teachers try to tell them. They often leave school without any diploma and do not find a job afterwards. They further disintegrate.

Some regard themselves as losers and blame the indigenous society for their problems.

Thus, they become more and more susceptible to radical ideologies and sometimes end as

suicide bombers or bomb layers. With their behavior and deeds they cement the gap between themselves and the majority of indigenous people.

How to get out of this vicious circle? There is no easy way.

WSN will continue to address the issue of “Islam in Europe” – even provoking controversial discussions. The issue is too important to be put on the shelf waiting for a miracle.

We are glad to offer this newsletter "From Anti-Semitism to Defaming Islam: A Response to Dr. Udo Ulfkotte" written by Abbas J. Ali. He is member of our International Advisory Board and has repeatedly written for us on Islamic related issues.

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