You Won't Believe What EC President Juncker Said!

Posted in Other | 07-Jul-16 | Source: Globalo News

The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has been furious with the Brexit campaigners, and finally let loose this week about the campaign to leave the EU. Perhaps he got a little too loose because he said some ridiculous things, including that he had spoken to extra-terrestrial leaders. Maybe Juncker is the one with a screw loose, not Britain.

  • European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker blasts Britain for the Brexit

  • Says that “leaders of other planets” are worried about the Brexit

  • Calls Farage and Johnson “sad heroes of today” saying that “they are not patriots”

  • Europe needs fresh new leadership to reform into Europe 3.0


The EC president, Jean Claude Juncker is quite an eccentric old man. Juncker (age 61) is a Luxembourg native who served as Prime Minister of Luxembourg from 1995-2013, and then moved to become President of the European Commission in 2014. The European Commission is the executive branch of the European Union, responsible for proposing laws in the EU. He has been adamantly pro-EU, focusing on building a single Digital Market for the EU and creating the Energy Union, which aims to provide sustainable, affordable and competitive energy in the EU.


Juncker has been extremely vocal about the Brexit, criticizing everything that the UK has done. He said in a statement last week, “I do not understand that the Brexit camp needs months before knowing what to do. I would have thought that they had a plan. Instead of developing a plan, they are leaving the boat.”

However, more interestingly, Mr Juncker claims to have been in touch with extra terrestrial life who were disappointed in the Brexit, as he claimed in a speech. The official written transcript does not show this part of his statement, but the video shows it, which would leave you to believe that it was just a mistake. But that is a perfect summation of the European Commission right now: plagued by mistakes and missteps.

But one area where Juncker has been a little more down-to-earth has been criticizing the Brexit leaders for engineering a disaster with no plan on how to proceed. Earlier this week, Juncker spoke out against Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, the architects of the Brexit disaster, calling them the “sad heroes of today”. He referred to them as “retro-nationalists, they are not patriots”.



The EU is in crisis, with the Brexit seeming to be the first of numerous possible exits. Countries like the Czech Republic, The Netherlands, and Ireland have discussed leaving the EU, but as of now this is just talk. What the EU needs is to step up and calm the people, reform the structure to make it feel less bureaucratic and more inclusive. And they need to make fewer mistakes! But certainly, as said by Dr Hubertus Hoffmann last week, Juncker needs to step aside and let a younger and more creative people lead Europe 3.0.