Will Trump's Global Warming Denial Destroy Our Planet?

Posted in Other | 19-Nov-16 | Source: Globalo News

Advocates for responses to man-made global warming are terrified by what the arrival of President Trump could mean for the future of the planet as the climate-change denier prepares for office.

  • Donald Trump is the only leader of a major industrialized country to deny existence of global warming.
  • Troubling tweets: “This global warming bullshit has got to stop!”
  • China to Trump: “Global warming is not a hoax we made up”.
  • Trump’s refusal to budge causing huge concern at home and abroad, potentially reversing gains made by Obama.


This is the tweet that has come under huge scrutiny in recent days as China

Advocates for responses to man-made global warming remain extremely concerned by what the arrival of President Trump could mean for the future of the planet as the climate-change denier prepares for office.

“Donald thinks that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese”, jabbed Hillary Clinton during the presidential debates, a view that seemed funny at the time but now has real power in the halls of congress, the senate and the White House.


Despite attempts to play off the infamous tweet as a joke, it was retweeted more than 104,000 times, and has drawn hundreds of replies, pressure is growing on Trump to define a coherent policy on global warming.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin responded to Trump’s accusation just this Wednesday, using the platform of the United Nations talks in Marrakesh, Morocco, to remind the future president that both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush started the global warming conversation during the late 1980s, fundamental  in the instigation of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


“Bullshit” – Donald Trump on Climate Change

Trump’s appointment of climate change skeptic Myron Ebell to head the Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed the fears of many. There is a growing batch of evidence that the New York property tycoon Trump just does not take climate change seriously.


Trump has also questioned the existence of global warming and climate change multiple times since that infamous November 2012 tweet, describing it as “bulls—” . In another tweet he claims cold weather had forced apparent “hoaxsters” to attempt to rebrand global warming as climate change.


Obama’s Successes Reversed?

Obama made action on climate change a key focus of the latter years of his second term. The Democrat pushed for legislation and international pressure on leading burners of fossil fuels such as China and India, and appeared on UK adventurer Bear Grylls’ television show to highlight the threat.


Critics fear that Trump’s election success has dealt a blow to the conversation around climate change at a critical time. With countries like China and India prepared to commit to agreements, the search for the new climate leader may move to Europe or even Canada as a standard-bearer for reducing global emissions.

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