When I will be your President in The White House

Posted in Other | 23-Jul-16 | Source: Globalo News

When I am your US President:

  • The sun will circle around me  and our glorious America
  • Water will be wine
  • Golden Trump nuggets all over America
  • Everybody will be rich and happy in Trump country
  • White people will be back on top of the world, black where they belong and Latinos out
  • No air conditioning needed, as I will regulate the sun
  • Everyone will have a job, in Trump America Inc. and in Trump University which will make Harvard or Yale obsolete
  • All criminals will surrender to the local police and my FBI, making America safe again
  • The police may shoot first, and ask questions later- fine with the president
  • All kindergartens, schools and universities will be equipped with readily available automatic weapons, kids learn to use them too- to help defend our America
  • All immigrants will leave the US, as they fear me. No more thanks to my walls
  • You will need no health insurance, as you will never be ill again like under Obama care
  • Fox news get the best front seats the White House Press Corps, but no media crews who want to make America weak again with small details like asking too many bad questions
  • The FBI will make clear: Nobody against the will of the me, the people
  • Trump Peace Doves will be all around in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the rest of the  world
  • I will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize soon- I might not accept this award because of Obama receiving it before me
  • We need no experts, not administration, get rid of old Washington- I know it all better and my people
  • Putin, Erdogan and Kim Jong-Un will be my best friends. I like their style, they like mine. They all  will surely surrender to me as the Great Leader of All, the new GOT. If they decline my wishes, I will bomb the shit out of them with my many nukes as your commander in chief
  • These new best friends will be invited to join my private club of global leaders, clean up the Obama and Hillary – mess  and help make America great again
  • Nato is needed no more, I will get our boys home, I will tell Putin
  • I will give South Korea and Japan nukes to deter themselves
  • I will love to be your commander in chief with so many soldiers, planes and nukes in my hands- wonderful- better than golf. It will be a lot of fun.
  • No women in the Armed Forces any more- we needs machos for peace. I will bring the American women back where they belong: into the kitchen and bed
  • The ISIS terrorists will be so impressed, they will surrender or I will bomb all of the cities where they live like the US did in Hiroshima or Dresden in 1945
  • We can torture them as we wish, bomb their homes and kill their children too.
  • Hillary will be put in jail, and maybe Obama too and whoever threatens the will of the America people – represented by me as your president and nobody else in the future
  • My voters can enter The White House with guns in their hands (when I am not there)
  • Air Force One gets the  better name Trump Force One
  • Whatever you wish,  just write me. I will guarantee your wants and needs in my next speech- but only if you vote for me. Make me stronger than Hillary in November!

What a wonderful Trump World it will be with me in the White House 2017 !

Do not think.

No planning needed.

Just wish, dream, trust me and vote for me in November, folks!

Support me (with good powerful leader-genes from Kallstadt in Germany from where my grand-grandfather emigrated in 1885 to the U.S.) as your Führer of the American Reich!