"Watani - My Homeland" Nominated for an Oscar

Posted in Other | 29-Jan-17 | Source: Globalo News

“Watani – My Homeland” has been nominated for an Oscar 2017

The documentary is directed by Globalo Co-Founder Marcel Mettelsiefen and co-produced by Globalo News Publishing and Globalo founder Dr Hubertus Hoffmann.

It has been nominated under the category Short Subject Documentary. The Oscars will take place on the 26th of February.

See part of the film below:

Through a set of four short excerpts of the film like the one above, Hala Kalim and her four children will tell the story at the event of how they survived as refugees going from war-torn Aleppo, Syria where the children’s father was kidnapped to a new life in Goslar, Germany.

At the end of the showing, Hala will speak, offering a message of hope to the world. She called for peace and an end to humanitarian crises around the world. She says, all she cares about “is that we are all humans.”

“Watani – My Homeland” aims to add a new dimension to the five year war–the children’s perspective. It shows the rare, emotional side of the conflict and its effect on the family’s fate.

Read more about the film on the official website here.