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Donald Trump has just announced his foreign policy platform. Here is what you need to know:

The key word here is NON-INTERVENTIONISM, which echoes the days of James Monroe and the Monroe Doctrine.

This means that Trump wants to focus more about problems at home, rather than those abroad.

We wants to make “America great again” and not “pushed around”.

He also stresses unpredictability, and that other countries should not know what he is thinking.

What will this mean for the major foreign operations?

These are the main points of Trump’s foreign policy:

NATO: Trump says that it is too expensive and the US needs to focus on issues closer to home. The allies should pay more. Also open to  forming a different organization for counterterrorism.

UKRAINE: Why isn’t Germany bearing more of the burden? America’s allies are not doing enough.

KOREA: South Korea is rich now, so they should be paying more of America’s costs of war games and sending ships to deal with North Korea. If they don’t pay more, he may withdraw troops. He also wants South Korea and Japan to have their own nuclear weapons.

ISRAEL: Support for the state of Israel. Trump wants to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Read more about the candidates and AIPAC here.

IRAN: Trump says the nuclear deal was a disaster, as Iran would only need to wait, and develop a bomb after 15 years, meanwhile, they would collect billions of dollars from eased sanctions. Trump would try to undo this deal. Read about the Iran Nuclear Deal here. He would also use Iran’s trade with North Korea as a bargaining chip.



ISIS: They need to be fought, but not necessarily by our troops. Russia’s troops are already in Syria, maybe they should do it. America should focus on air support, rather than ground troops. Saudi Arabia should send troops, and if they don’t, he will not buy Saudi oil.

CHINA: Free trade is good, but America has not gotten good deals, and this needs to change. America needs better negotiations. America should threaten China’s access to American markets for negotiation power.


Russia: He likes Putin and the Russian President admires him too.


One of the major themes of Trump’s platform is that many foreign policies of late have been based on the belief that America is an incredibly wealthy and powerful nation, and he does not believe this to be accurate anymore.


Trump’s foreign policy platform differs greatly from that of Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton.

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