Trump's 10 Key Mistakes

Posted in Other | 08-Nov-16 | Source: Globalo News

Donald Trump ignored not only truth, but logic too.

Here are the 10 key mistakes he made:

  1. He focuses too much on winning white voters, but has failed with this group as well.
  2. He misses the support of white women and white college-educated voters, which supported other Republican candidates in the past, like Ronald Reagan or Mitt Romney.
  3. His focus on the angry, white, old, less educated, male demographic is not enough.
  4. Trump forgot the math of winning in a presidential campaign: Every four years there are two percentage points fewer whites voting, as America gets more diverse.
  5. The non-white voters, Hispanics and blacks, were pushed away from the GOP candidate by his demagogic words. To win, the GOP must get around 30 percent of non-white voters, 12 percent more – not less – than in 2012.
  6. Trump will get less than 20 percent of the Hispanic votes after he called Mexicans ‘rapists’ and wants to kick-out millions of illegal immigrants too, which is seven percent less than four years ago for Romney. There is a high turn-out of early Hispanic voters as well, supporting Clinton in important swing-states like Florida.
  7. He campaign is not as strong as Clinton’s with a ground-force of one million grass-root activists for her.
  8. He lost the support of the Republican establishment and its traditional soul, and also many well educated Republican voters who want a serious president in the White House.
  9. His aggressive style pushed many voters into the hands of Hillary, and also turned many former Republican voters to support another candidate in 2016.
  10. Trump’s world is less about real politics and proposals, but a campaign based on anti-slogans (anti-Clinton, anti-Washington, anti-China, anti-emigrants, anti-Islam), fear and emotions. Substance is missing and so is a bright future, something many voters want to see in the White House. He is missing the charisma, smile and good-feeling of Republican super-star Ronald Reagan, and his open heart and positive vision for the future of America as well.