The Cold War Is Back - The West Has To Use Its Old Playbook

Posted in Other | 22-Jan-17 | Source: Globalo News

Russia is at war against Ukraine and the Cold War 2 is back between the West and Russia. Russia seeks to bring chaos to the West and President Vladimir Putin’s useful idiots do not know what they are doing.

  • It is a new Cold War. The West should be protected from Russian propaganda.
  • Do not try to fight back propaganda. Wear a raincoat.
  • Do not share and like fake news and troll updates.
  • Russia is a poor and a weak country. Russian everyday reality should be revealed to the public.
  • It is a fight again between freedom and prosperity, and oppression and poverty.
  • Russia is a dictatorship and a fake democracy.

Year 2016 was a disaster to the West because of Brexit, Donald Trump and terror attacks against open societies in Europe and Northern America. Brexit was a result of Prime Minister David Cameron’s reckless gambling. Trump’s victory in US presidential elections is the fault of the GOP and Hillary Clinton’s bad campaign strategy, which focused on smear campaigns rather than giving a message of hope. The US and the UK, both iconic and admired countries in the West showed how arrogant policies can lead to disasters. Cameron and Clinton will not be remembered as remarkable political figures because they lead the West to abjection.

One of the reasons is that the West has the problem to admit that it is in war with Russia and the Cold War is back. Western politicians try to be subtle when they are talking about Russia. However, Russia is at war with the West, and it does not even try to renounce it but political statements are always pure propaganda by stating otherwise. Russia’s strategy is very simple. It wants to support pro-Russian political and other forces in the West. It will try to interfere elections and party politics in all western countries. Russia has been able to proceed in some countries just because democratic forces have allowed them. This has been a pure weakness.

Lessons From The Cold War Times

During the Cold War times the media environment was different. Television, radio, newspapers and magazines were the main sources. The media environment was quite positive, constructive and it published mainly high-quality pieces. The analogical time was less hectic, which may have given a more secure feeling to the public.

The media environment concentrated mainly on internal affairs of the West all the way from daily politics to entertainment. People knew what the Soviet Union was and its leaders from Leonid Brezhnev to Mikhail Gorbachev. During that time the Soviet Union tried to smuggle its anti-West propaganda to the West but it failed miserably. The Soviet Union and the communist system was mainly a laughing stock in the West and its leaders looked like walking zombies.

People did not care of the Soviets, and this was one of the reasons why the Russians were unable to beat the West. It went otherwise. People in the Communist Block envied the free western lifestyle, and as a result. Eastern European countries revolted. They wanted freedom, and President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher made a major influence in collapsing the communist system, which ended the Soviet Empire. The Soviet Union failed economically but the information war between the West and the East had a major impact.


Digital Age Requires Different Measures

Currently we are leaving in a digital era. Social media channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter can effortlessly reach to mass audiences around the world. Social media is mainly a force of good because it connects people together, and information can be shared instantly. Making the world more transparent. It can even bring down cruel dictators because people can connect.

However, social media and websites can be a source for pure evil from brainwashing terrorists and extremists to scaremonger moderate citizens with propaganda, hence, lies. Digital channels can be used to bring chaos in developed countries. It can be asked that are internet service providers doing enough in order to bring down these evil forces, which are attacking our open societies?

Brexit and Trump are the results of heavy propaganda. During the Cold War westerners were quite heavily protected against Soviet propaganda but during these elections they were not. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube played a vital role in brainwashing. These loopholes must be filled. It is about protecting real freedom of speech and open societies.


Do Not Fight Propaganda – Wear A Raincoat

How many western newspapers used their energy to fight against Soviet propaganda during the Cold War? Did they try to knock down every single false claim of newspaper Pravda? Most newspapers did not even care about false claims, and it is said that the best way to fight propaganda is to wear a raincoat. This means that you should not care about propaganda. Do not fight back. The idea of propaganda is to spread false and to provoke people.

Instead, the best way to fight back propaganda is not to reply but to share positive and constructive information. “Why the West is the best place to live?” “Barack Obama is the best President in the history of the US.” Hence, hate can not be beaten with hate. Hate can be beaten by telling what you love.

However, there is also another mistake what even experienced professionals are making on the internet. Putin wants people to share Russian propaganda, in a way or another. The common mistake is to say that “Putin wants to destroy the West and he has been able to do so”. These sort of comments makes him look more powerful than he actually is.

Give Them The Russian Reality

The West has a one strategic problem, and it is a major one. If there is a hostile country, which tries to crumble democratic foundations, EU and NATO. It should become an enemy of the West. Clear and simple. Therefore, Russia should be identified as an enemy because it is a dictatorship and a false democracy. It is again the old Cold War game between freedom and oppression.

Some useful idiot of the West does not know anything about the reality of Russia. Russia’s economy was almost the same size as Italy’s in 2013 and currently its economical size is smaller than Mexico’s. This makes Russia a very tiny actor in world politics. The US and the EU are overwhelmingly the largest economies in the World. Russia is like a fly compared to the US, EU and China. Why so much respect against Russia?

Ruchir Sharma the author of Breakout Nations said that Russia has more billionaires than in any other country compared to its population. This does not make Russians generally wealthy. It means that a large number of Russian are poor. On average 80 percent of incomes goes to necessary expenses in Russian households. Even Thomas Piketty’s Capital looks like a rose garden compared to the reality in Russia.

Russia does not promote free enterprise and it has decreased democratic rights severely during the years. At the same time Putin’s Russia promotes nationalistic, conservative and religious values. These values have not moved forward. Instead, Russia is now more racist and xenophobic. As a multicultural society, this can burst into violent flames and internal turmoil. Russia is internally a very fragile country.

Yes, give people the reality of Russia as it is but do not make Russia look greater as it is because it is not. It is again a fight between freedom and prosperity against oppression and poverty. At the same time, the strength and the power of the West should be shown. The West is the best place to live in the world, and this should be remembered and celebrated.