Posted in Other | 27-May-16 | Source: Globalo News

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So when I found this video of robots performing Beethoven, I was expecting to see robots playing piano. I thought it would be cool, robots mastering the arts. Boy, was I mistaken. The screen starts completely black, and then opens on what looks like a robot choir. I immediately wondered where their instruments were, but I quickly realized they would be singing. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, until the moment they started singing. It sounded like a kindergarten class singing during a play they put on for their parents by a kindhearted and free-spirit music teacher, but the fact that it was robots was what made me feel uneasy. It really creeped me out how out of sync and perfectly they captured the experience of watching this kind of performance.

Now, I am very much a tech person, I love the advancements in technology over the past decades, but this is one that I cannot get behind. Leave the poor singing to people like me; robots are for precision and accuracy.


So to try to make you feel better, here is a robot playing at the Philharmonic in Berlin. I am still not sure if it makes me feel better or worse, as the robots face is pretty freaky, and his German is downright unsettling. The Piano playing starts at 2:35.
So when the robots eventually take over most aspects of our lives, we will have them singing poorly as they do it, but their piano skills will be on point.