Priceless! Trump Looks on as Cruz Defies Republicans

Posted in Other | 21-Jul-16 | Source: Globalo News

Trump is the nominee, and the GOP has done everything they could in order to make it seem like the entire party is behind him.

However, Ted Cruz used his spot at the convention to effectively launch his 2020 campaign.

  • Cruz spoke about his own values

  • Speech sounded like a campaign speech

  • Did not endorse Trump

  • Crowd turned on him, and Boos as he does not endorse Trump

  • Trump said it was “No big deal”, but his face says otherwise

Cruz spoke about the duty to our children to do the right thing, and he backed up that story with the backdrop of the Dallas Police who were killed, making the speech extremely emotional.

Cruz spoke inclusively of homosexuality, saying that “Whether you are gay or straight, the Bill of Rights protects the rights of all of us to live according to our conscience”.

While Ted Cruz used the speech to congratulate Trump on his nomination, he did not actually endorse Trump for President, instead detailing the values he feels the Republican Party should have.

A highly emotional appeal, he said, “What is this, right now, is our last time? Our last moment to do something for our families and our country. Did we live up to the values we say we believe? Did we do all we really could?”

This was basically an appeal to the conservative voters who do not like Trump, and don’t feel that he represents their values. These are the voters who want a more radical candidate like Cruz.

He said “There is a better way. A return to freedom”, which was met by thunderous applause. Then he detailed his platform:

  • Education: “your freedom to choose your child’s education”
  • Healthcare: “Your freedom to choose your own doctor without Obamacare”
  • Taxes: “Your freedom to provide for your family without the IRS beating down your door”
  • The Internet: “Keep it free from taxes, free from regulation, and don’t give it away to Russia and China”
  • “Freedom means free speech, not politically correct safe spaces”
  • Religious freedom for all: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists…
  • Strong on gun rights
  • “Every human life is precious and must be protected”

But the best part of this entire speech was the face of Trump during Cruz’s speech. He was furious, as was his family, and you can see it on their faces:

[removed][removed]Trump pushed aside any controversy, saying it was no big deal, but his face said otherwise.

Regardless, Trump is the nominee, and will be gearing up for the general election. But this shows that there is still a deep divide inside the republican party, as numerous senators and delegations were absent or protesting, especially the Washington DC delegation a day before.