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Posted in Other | 15-Apr-17 | Source: Globalo News

Globalo is a fresh political online magazine in English on US politics and foreign affairs.

We are heading to become a unique portal for fresh and unique political reporting with excellent design, a mobile-first focus, photos and videos, and “news behind the news.“

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Globalo Vision

Globalo is dedicated to developing a new type of journalism.

We want to publish:

•    Enthusiastic journalism: We love to research and produce the golden nuggets of news in American policy and political hot-spots all over the world. We do not just retell the same media story as everybody else.

•    Fresh journalism: Approach stories without a left-wing, right-wing or patriotic  agenda and show the world like it is. Not black and white, but colourful. Not nar row-minded and nationalistic, but diverse.

•    Postive journalism: We look for good news. Tell us about people who make a difference and promote a better world.

•    Digital journalism: We make use of the endless news flow in the internet. We curate the best stories, background information and breaking news.

•    Visual journalism: The internet is a medium for our eyes. Therefore we focus on good videos and striking photos.

•    Citizen journalism: You are our eyes and ears in the world and make the best reporters. You have local roots and know best what is going on where you are.

•    Research journalism: We have 10-20 reporters for each hot topic with a team leader and experts guiding their work. We send teams to hot-spots like Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

•    Global journalism: In our interconnected world all news get global. Go for it. But research locally.

Will we reach all Globalo aims? 

No, but we try hard as a global network working together and strive for improvement each day.


More than 100 reporters contribute to Globalo from all over the world. We are an independent, innovative portal for digital journalism dedicated to bringing you the ‘news behind the news‘.

Globalo was founded by serial investor Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, who has previously worked in The White House Press Corps, the editoral board of ZDF TV, and as a media manager together with Wanja Oberhof, internet pioneer and creator of Germany’s largest personalized digital newspaper

We aim to show the world like it is: good and bad, with fresh ideas and amazing stories.

We focus on mobile and unique videos (Globalo Film & Globalo Clips, co-producer of Watani: My Homeland documentary ,nominated for the Oscars in 2017) and publish books as well.