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President Obama has been known to mentor some of America’s finest members of the next generation as his way of giving back to the future of the United States.

President Obama opens up honestly about the struggles of life and achieving. These mentees are part of the WHite House Internship program, and are given once-in-a-lifetime access to the highest office in the land.


I hope that the time you’ve spent here has given you a sense that you really can make a difference. You can’t transform the world overnight. It’s frustrating. There are setbacks. Progress is incremental. 

And because change is hard, it’s going to be tempting at some point when you’re in the middle of whatever job you’re doing, and things aren’t going exactly the way you want them, and you’ve had some disappointments, to kind of say, ‘you know what? This is all, not worth it, and I just gotta look out for myself.’ The culture sort of pushes you in that direction. But I want you guys to resist it.
You have more capacity, more power in your hands right now, and your prospects for your lives are better right now than they’ve ever been, in the aggregate, on average. And so you’ve got to take advantage of that. That’s because somebody along the way imagined something better, and worked for it, and that’s your job. Ok? Good luck! (Applause)

President Obama has also mentored Steph Curry, an NBA basketball star, and made a video to help promote the mentorship program at