Islamophobic Violence Reaches 9/11 Levels

Posted in Other | 25-Nov-16 | Source: Globalo News

Trump now calls the Americans to unite. Will his followers agree?

Indeed the USA has suffered a spike in Islamophobic and anti-Muslim assaults, with new research pointing to record 9/11 levels of as a viral video showing a racist rant by a Trump supporter confirms the fears of many about the new regime in America circulates around the globe.

  • ‘Trump is president … they’ll deport you soon’: Man filmed in racist rage a Muslim Uber driver captured online.
  • Number of physical assaults against Muslims in the United States reached 9/11-era levels last year.
  • Growing climate of intolerance threatens American unity and security.

Fresh evidence of a growing climate of intolerance and fear building in the USA right now comes, as it often does nowadays, on social media.


Islamophobia in the USA

New research released by the Pew Institute reveals the increased level of violence and fear that Muslims in the USA are facing.

  • Most Americans believe that there is “a lot” of discrimination against Muslims in the United States according to the report – that’s roughly six-in-ten U.S. adults (59%).
  • Highest levels of anti-Muslim intimidation crimes reported in any year since 2001, when there were 296.
  • Anti-Muslim intimidation crimes – rose in 2015, with 120 reported to the FBI.
  • FBI reported 257 incidents of anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2015, That’s a 67% increase from 2014.
  • 301 individual crimes, 71% of which were crimes against people, as opposed to property.
  • Roughly three-quarters of Americans (76%) also said discrimination against Muslims in the U.S. was increasing.


The survey also revealed that almost half of American adults (49%) believe “some” Muslims in the U.S. are un-American, including 11% who think “most” or “almost all” are un-American.

A rise in Islamophobic attacks has been linked to populist Donald Trump since his recent election win.

Donald Trump – A Victory for Intolerance?

Reports of intimidation and harassment have spiked since Trump’s win. The Southern Poverty Law Center has tallied 701 such incidents as of this Friday.

Critics have highlighted racist events allegedly committed in Trump’s name and directed mainly toward immigrants other minorities. Anti-Semitic vandalism with swastikasin support of Trump has been reported in several state across the US.


The Video that Reveals New Dangers

“You’re a loser. You’re not even from here, [expletive]!” the man that has quickly become infamous said. “[Expletive] you and your family you terrorist [expletive]!”

The man flashed a middle finger as he drove away in the video.

“There’s definitely some Islamophobic and anti-Muslim sentiment out there right now,” Cody, the Uber driver said.

“I don’t blame him for being intimidated, especially with the stuff coming out of that guy’s mouth.”

The video has gone viral on Facebook, having been viewed more than 3 million times and shared about 40,000 times so far.

The Arab-American Family Support Center in New York criticized the event, saying that “racism and anti-Muslim bigotry are real threats to our community.”