Posted in Other | 12-Feb-16 | Source: Globalo News

The Islamic State (IS, ISIS or Daesh)  has been systemically abusing women through gory sexual violence, and it has now also spread its web to young children.

The latest ghastly event – a four year old ‘Isis fighter’ was made to execute three men in the Syrian city Raqqa. The boy was made to set off by remote control, the bomb fixed into a car which held the three men to be executed.

Here are the pictures which were released by Al-Masdar news, of the appalling execution:

                                                Perversion in the Islamic State: A killing child in the name of Allah.

child fighter 3

The child fighter has been identified as Issa Dare, and apparently hails from the United Kingdom. He is considered to be the youngest child to be involved in such a dreadful crime as an Isis fighter.

By involving children in war, the Isis is violating several war ethics – and also could make Muslim children a target for Islamophobia.  Using children for violence and political murder cannot be justified in any religion, and this incident just goes to show how the Isis is more about bloodshed and destruction, than about religion.