How a 17 year-old Afghan Refugee and ISIS-Fan attacked Train in Bavaria

Posted in Other | 19-Jul-16 | Source: Globalo News

Every day is a new attack, this time in Germany, where more than a million refugees have arrived last year, many from Syria and Afghanistan.

  • A 17 year old boy attacked people on a train in Southern Germany near Würzburg in the north of Bavaria with an ax and a knife. 

  • He shouted in Arabic “Allah is the greatest!”

  • Special police killed him, when he attacked them on escape

  • The boy was an unaccompanied refugee living since 2015 in a small peaceful village near by. People say he was never radical, friendly and integrated in the community.

  • He registered as Afghan, but his Pashtun accent, he spoke on a video, hints he came from Pakistan.

  • He was very angry, because a friend of him had died days before in Afghanistan.

  • This attack was a unique mixture of revenge, suicide and terror

  • Five people were wounded, two people still in critical condition

  • ISIS has claimed that the boy is their fighter. He had a ISIS symbol on a drawing-block at home and left the statement: “Pray for me, that I can take revenge with the unbelievers and come into heaven.”

  • He was a self-radicalized lone-wolf.

  • In a video, published by ISIS, you can see the young man telling in Pushtu, spoken mainly in Afghanistan and Pakistan, holding a knife in his hand: “I am a soldier of the Islamic State und will do a holy operation in Germany. You come to my country, in order to kill men, women and children. If God wishes, you will be attacked on any street, in each village or city and airport.” He continued:  “I will make you to forget, what has happened in France, Inshallah.”

  • It is the second tween-attack by ISIS-fans in Germany in six months

  • European intelligence agencies have put 9 year old kids on terror watch list already before


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A young Afghan teen was the perpetrator of a horrific attack on the people of Germany.

The boy, age 17, was an unaccompanied refugee, his parents are not in Germany. he attacked innocent people on a train, wielding a knife and an ax.

What has happened?

  • He entered a local train near Würzburg near his village Ochsenfurt. He came out of the toilet with an ax and knife attacking four members of a Chinese tourist family from Hongkong  shouting “Allahu Akbar!”
  • Someone used the emergency brake, and the train stopped.
  • The offender leaves the train and meet two elder women with a dog, attacking one with the ax into her face. “I kill you slut!”, he shouted.
  • He run to the Main river bank where two special police men (SEK) tried to stop him, he attacked them and was shot.


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The attack occurred near Heidingsfeld, a small area in the town of Wurzburg, in southern Germany.


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The Bavarian Interior Minister, Joachim Herrmann, said that the evidence shows that the boy acted alone, and there are no other suspects.

The train was on the way from Treuchtlingen to Wuezburg, when he carried out the attack. A task force that coincidentally was in Wurzburg at the time responded extremely quickly, and shot the boy dead.


The age of the attacker is particularly distressing, as he was only 17 years old. This is just the latest incident where ISIS is targeting teens and younger, more impressionable crowds.

  • This is not the first attack in Germany by youths, as a 15 year old girl stabbed a police officer in Hannover in early March this year. This attack was ISIS inspired, and shows ISIS’ continued push to appeal and indoctrinate a younger audience. ISIS has even begun to target toddlers with an app!
  • At this point, we cannot be surprised by the ISIS attacks in Europe. Members of the Intelligence community, namely Dr. Hans-Georg Maaßen, the head of the BfV (the domestic intelligence agency for Germany) held a symposium on ISIS threat in March 2016 in Berlin that detailed the threats in Europe.The experts all agreed that ISIS would look towards younger people to carry out attacks. There it was told that many children are trained as fanatic indoctrinated suicide-bombers by ISIS now as well.
  • Rob Bertholee, head of the Dutch internal intelligence service AIVD, said in Berlin his organization “needed to put a 9 year-old on the IS-terror watch list.” From The Netherlands, more than 230 people are now in IS, including around 70 children.


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