How Caesar-Trump catches the GOP Crown of Populism

Posted in Other | 20-Jul-16 | Source: Globalo News

As everyone could have predicted, Trump is officially the nominee. He was the only person running, but now it is official.

  • Trump declared the Nominee

  • “Unanimous” decision

  • Members of #NeverTrump were silenced by a rule adopted by convention

  • Washington DC still tried to vote against Trump




But perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was the Washington DC delegation declaring their votes for Marco Rubio and John Kasich

The DC representative declared 10 votes for Marco Rubio, and 9 votes for Kasich.

Immediately after the declaration, the convention leaders said that “Pursuant to the announcement of the delegation, and the rules of this convention, District of Columbia 19 votes Trump.”

So it turns out that this democracy is not so much a democracy anymore.

But Why?

Well, the convention had decided the rules on Monday, which declared that all delegate votes must count for the presumptive nominee, aka Donald Trump.

This rule was bitterly opposed by the #nevertrump movement and a large number of delegations.

The convention chair, Arkansas Rep Steve Womack, called for the adoption of the rules with a voice vote, or where each side yells out.

Rep Womack twice simply declared that “in the opinion of the chair, the aye’s have it.” which shut the door on the democratic process.

Once the rules were adopted, all votes had to be for Trump, which was demonstrated with the floor vote on Tuesday.


So there we go. Democracy in action: where opposition is suppressed by the majority, in favor of the appearance of “party unity”.


Image: Flickr