Posted in Other | 04-Jun-16 | Source: Globalo News

Germany has had a very tough time with terrorists this week, with two major incidents: A terror cell arrested for a planned attack in Germany, and a German citizen blowing himself up in Syria.

GLOBALO has reported April 8, 2016, about ISIS plans to attack Germany. And mid-May from the IS symposium of the Bundesamt für Verfassungschutz in Berlin, where more ISIS attacks were predicted.


The terror cell was based in Dusseldorf, according to federal prosecutors. They were an ISIS terror cell with a mission to bomb the old part of Dusseldorf. Three members of the terror cell were arrested and one of the suspects detailed the plan to blow up the “Old Town” of Dusseldorf, and then shoot people as well. The mastermind who set up this terror cell was  Saleh A., who shares a name with (and may actually be) the mastermind behind the Paris attacks and  the Brussels airport attacks. The area that was targeted was Heinrich-Heine-Allee, a central area of Dusseldorf, as you can see in the map below:
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The three suspects are:

  • Mahood B. (25)
  • Abd Araham A. (31)
  • Hamza C. (28)


  • All three men were in court and made no statements
  • The order for the attack came from ISIS leadership in Raqqa
  • The investigation has taken four months so far.
  • The fourth man, Saleh A., turned himself in to Paris police on February 1st and is cooperating with police.
  • The plan was to have two suicide bombers detonate near the subway station, while the others used weapons and additional explosives for those fleeing the area.
  • Abd Araham A is an explosives expert who has worked with the al-Nusra front before.

Rumors put the total number of terrorists located in Dusseldorf at around 10, so the authorities should be working overtime to identify and apprehend the other seven.

In addition to thwarting this attack, a German member of ISIS has committed an act of terror in Syria. The Hamburg born Asif N. conducted a suicide bombing in Syria near Shaddadi. He grew up in a Roman Catholic family, but was exposed to Islam later and was radicalized before traveling to Turkey in January. He spoke about his radicalization in a video created by ISIS and distributed through the ISIS propaganda network The Amaq Agency. The official website of the Amaq Agency has been taken down, and their app, just one of many, was removed from the play store, but the app is shared via secure Telegram transfers, and a fake app has even appeared which allegedly spies on the app users. The video that they published also shows details of daily life in ISIS, prayers, shooting, and other activities. The man in the video who carried out this attack was speaking about growing up in Germany and that people throw their lives away in search of wealth, and he strongly disagreed with every part of Western culture. Germany already had this man on their radar, and thought that he would be attacking a Bundeswehr (German Military) camp in Iraq, but it seems that he chose another target, attacking Kurds in Syria, members of the YPG.