Good News: Peshmergas defeat ISIS in Sinjar

Posted in Other | 13-Nov-15 | Source: Globalo News

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Some 7,500 Peshmerga were moving in on the Iraqi city of Sinjar this week. The ISIS stronghold fall. A severe defeat of the terror group.

The town had been taken by ISIS last year. After the capture the barbaric ISIS  forces had killed or enslaved thousands of the Yazidi religious minority. Thousands more were trapped without food and water for weeks on Mount Sinjar until they were resued by Kurdish PKK forces.

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The campaign to retake Sinjar, that holds not only strategic, but also symbolic value, is being supported by an extensive air campaign of US-led coalition forces.

Sinjar is a place were true solidarity in the face of overwhelming evil has been able to win the day with the rescue of thousands of people. It is now time to deal a decisive blow to the extremists holding the city. There is no better place to start retaking the Iraqi lands than in Sinjar.

The goal now is to cut off a strategically important ISIS supply line that runs through the area around Sinjar. Eventually the Peshmerga want to establish “a significant buffer zone to protect the city and its inhabitants from incoming artillery.”


 Video Source: Youtube