Good News: Paris Murder-Boss Killed!

Posted in Other | 19-Nov-15 | Source: Globalo News

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the leader of the eight ISIS attackers in Paris last Friday, has been identified as one of those killed in Wednesday’s raid in the suburb of Saint Denis, the Paris prosecutor says. The body of the 28 years old Belgium terrorist was found riddled with bullets and shrapnel in the apartment.

There is a global hunt for ISIS terrorists and supporters across Europe and dramatic attempts to restore security in France, Belgium or Germany preventing another massacre.

As well the military pressure on ISIS in Iraq and Syria by the U.S., France and even now Russia is raised. 

Globalo brings you what you need to know today in this breaking news report:


  • Shootouts described as “like something of a war scene” took place in the Parisian suburb of St-Denis last night. Eight people were arrested and two killed in the raid by the French police. Another terror act in Paris had been planed there. Salah Abdeslam, the on-the-run suspected eighth attacker, is a longstanding associate of Abaaoud. Both men were involved in gangs in Molenbeek, Belgium, carrying out robberies and other petty crimes.
  • A woman who self detonated in response to the attacks has been named as Abaaoud’s cousin, Hasna Aitboulahcen. He was killed as well.
  • The entire floor of the apartment in which the raids took place has collapsed, making identification particularly difficult at this point
  • France voted today to extend its national state of emergency to February. The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulles is on her way to the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • President Hollande has also confirmed that the country will continue to accept 30,000 refugees over the next two years and will continue ahead with a trip to Washington next week to discuss the war with ISIS.

The United States

  • American authorities have offered a $5 million reward for information that may lead tot he identification of IS leader Abu Muhammed al-Shimali
  • President Obama has responded to calls by various Governors not to settle refugees in their territories, arguing that Republicans are afraid of “widows and orphans”

New York

  • Threats of an attack in New York have emerged from a new video put out by ISIS
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio responded by warning citizens from an address at Times Square that there is no need to worry, and New Yorkers should continue about their daily business


  • A maybe-terror-plot in Hannover has been foiled by German authorities
  • There had been informations, that a group of attackers had planned to enter the soccer stadium with explosive device using an ambulance vehicle and to place a bomb at midnight at the central railway station
  • No arrests have been made


  • British schools have been advised against travelling to France
  • Two British citizens previously jailed for terrorism offences have been arrested in Hungary


  • After the successful international Syria conference in Vienna some days ago, Russia now responded to ISIS attacks on one of its airliners by introducing a resolution to commence attacks on Islamic State in Syria
  • While the resolution referenced cooperation with the Assad regime which the West was not supportive of, this has still been a critical moment in introducing Russia to the fight against ISIS.Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad said a political process to end the country’s bloody civil war “cannot begin while it is occupied by terrorists”. The timetable for elections “starts after starting to defeat terrorism”.
  • Attacks continue on targets in Islamic State capital Raqqa
  • Presidents Hollande and Putin are scheduled to meet in Moscow on November 26 to discuss how their countries might work together against IS forces


  • China has condemned the beheading of one of its citizens by ISIS militants and warned that it will “definitely hold the perpetrators accountable”


  • 400 million euros have been committed by Prime Minister Charles Michel to fight radical Islamist violence
  • Six raids have been launched in the Brussels area, thought to be linked to Paris suicide bomber Bilal Hadfi

Photo credit to flickr/david0287