Posted in Other | 29-Oct-15 | Source: Globalo News

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Haydar Siginak has many years of experience defending his clients. The professed activist has helped many over his long career. But in recent years he has started to concentrate on the situation of refugees in Turkey, which has the potential to grow into a massive crisis.

According to  Siginak, the United States, the EU, and Turkey are to blame for the exacerbating conditions. The deterioration should have been noticed sooner. Now, circumstances have worsened considerably for those fleeing from their war-torn home countries.
Complicating matters are the upcoming Turkish presidential elections, which could lead to further conflict, especially in areas with Kurdish majorities in south east Anatolia.

Fueled by extremist forces on the right, who are already using the refugee situation to their advantage, a toxic political cocktail is in the making, one that endangers the carefully calibrated cultural balance in laicist Turkey

Asked why he’ so committed to helping others, Siginak answers promptly:

“Because it is the human thing to do”.

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